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"WOW" 46 runs, 35 on the bank"

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w/e 27th May 2017:
Cant believe we are this far into the season already, this year is going by so fast. The changeable wet weather continued through till Monday, turning hot from Tuesday and bringing the carp back into spawning towards the end of the week. So another quiet week for the anglers. We were pleased to welcome Ken Townley and his wife Carole to the chalet for their first visit and the first of their 2 week stay, though here really as a relaxing holiday for them both rather than a serious fishing trip. So he isn't fishing at night or much throughout the day, taking advantage of the beautiful weather to go site seeing. But he had a nice mirror at 43lb 14oz.

Return guests Cor and son Dave Zuidam here this time with Daves brother John and uncle Wim, they were fishing on swims 6-8. Fishing strawberry or tuna boilies in snowman rig their group had 9 fish including a new PB for Wim with a cracker at 51lb.

Fishing on swim 11 this week, father and son, Boret and Phillippe had a great week with new PBs for them too. First fish was a nice mirror of 43lb 12oz with a tiger nut on a chod rig. A scopex boilie on a snowman rig gave them a cracking common at 55lb 13oz, a new PB. So finishing on 8 fish their average rose to 41lb 2oz.

Overall there were 18 fish caught, 8 over 30lb, 5 over 40lb and 2 50's giving an average of 37lb 6oz

w/e 20th May 2017:
Spawning was clearly going on up the top end in between swims 8 and 11 at the beginning of the week, until heavy rain from Thursday stopped play. so there were few rewards for all the efforts this week and most of them coming from the top swims. Jo and Harley left swim 10 with only 1 fish, a mirror of 31lb. the same story for Damien and Ricardo in the chalet who had a mirror of 35lb and a pike on a boilie.

But 2 new PB's for Neil fishing swim 11 with Gary. after 2 pike succumbed to the cream seed pop ups, 3rd time lucky, the same pop ups produce a stunning mirror off the lilly pads towards swim 7, weighing in at 48lb 6oz. Neil was very happy with that, but he went on to land another stunner, this time on red venom and orange pop ups, which topped the last fish to break his PB again with a mirror of 52lb 8oz. the pair of them finished on 5 fish between them.

Over on swim 7 Steve was also doing well using boilies on a KD rig over a bed of particles which produced his first fish early on Sunday morning, a mirror of 42lb. Off to a good start already the pressure was off, but he needn't have worried as the same time the following morning, 2am, his second fish came in, another mirror at 51lb 10oz and a new PB for him. 2 more high thirties followed that but he saved the best till last, this time pop ups on a multi rig over a bed of particles catching another mirror of 56lb 2oz.

So overall, just 14 fish out all week, including 6 over 30lb, 2 over 40 and 3 over 50, giving an overall average of 36lb 2oz.

w/e 13th May 2017:
Mixed bag of weather again this week, thunderstorms, hail, sun, rain, we had it all. 6 anglers on for the whole week, 2 joined us at the beginning of the week for 2 nights, and 2 joined us for Friday night which we dont normally allow but how could we refuse Dan our former bailiff and his pal. Lovely to see Dan and catch up on his news.

The 2 guys on the chalet swim really struggled and despite trying everything, they went home empty handed. It does happen so bear that in mind when coming to France, there is no guarantees with your ferry ticket. But as so often happens, Dan and Grimsey, who jumped in on the chalet swim for the Friday night after the other guys went home in the morning, Grimsey pulled out a 52lb mirror within a couple of hours of putting rods out. The boys named this fish Grace after the recent birth of a beautiful baby girl to Andy Doyle and his wife so congratulations to you guys too.

The 2 boys who joined us at the beginning of the week for 2 nights on swim 2, Jason Walker and Shaun Duggan, over visiting family in the area, were very glad they took the last 2 days out to come fishing. They now have new PB's and all 3 of their fish were over 40lb, caught on our MTC Triple R Garlic boilies.

A newbie over on swim 6, Christian Endres, struggled at the beginning of the week. but came good in the end and finished with 3 fish to 46lb using garlic and fish boilies.

Back again for their 5th year I think? Eddie Sherry, Cathal Burns and Chris Johnson. On their normal swims of 8, 10 and 11. Chris had a bit of a disaster with his first fish, which just happened to be a 50lb mirror, when he tried to photograph it in the water from the weigh sling, balanced a little too far away on the unhooking mat and the fish slipped away as soon as the sling was unzipped. So a great video, which he may share here at a later date when his blushes have subsided, but sadly no photos. he did go on to net another 53lb mirror which we do have photos of, and 7 over 40lb to give him a total of 11 fish and an average of 43lb 7oz, all on Mainline Cell and snow man rigs. Awesome, well done to Chris.

Cathal also fished Mainline Cell and also had a great week. he finished on 8 fish, including 5 over 40 and topped off with a cool 54lb. His average was also over 40 at 42lb 4oz.

Eddie hadn't fared so well the last 2 trips so he was absolutely delighted that he smashed it this week. He was fishing with NI Baits TT13 popped up and finished on 16 fish, 8 over 40 and 2 over 50 beating his PB twice with a 52lb 8oz common followed by a 52lb 10oz mirror. Another average over 40 at 41lb 10oz.

So in total, 10 fish over 30lb, a STAGGERING 21 fish over 40lb and 6 over 50 to give an overall average of 42lb 4oz. Top angling guys, well done.

w/e 6th May 2017:
This week 2 guys took advantage of our lake exclusive deal and had the whole lake to themselves for the week. Ian elected to fish swim 11 and Paul took swim 8. Paul Armfield joined them for a couple of nights and though Ian and Paul were going to cook for themselves, when they saw what we delivered over for Paul Armfield, they rapidly changed their minds and took the food package all week. They had a good week. Paul Armfield had a 39lb 12 before he left on Tuesday and the other boys finished on 12 fish, 7 over 30 and 5 over 40 including 2 at 47lb and a 48lb. Nice weather gave them a relaxing week and an average of 39lb. Happy days.

w/e 29th April 2017:
What a bizarre week for weather! We had frost, freezing fog, sunshine, hailstones and even a snow flurry all in one day. There were 3 or 4 nights of sub zero temperatures and severe frosts, cold winds during the day following glorious sunshine at the start of the week. So this has made fishing difficult for some swims particularly those in deeper water. So the Hameerteman family in the chalet struggled, as did Hans Leerdammer on swim 10 and Cyril and Guillaume on swim 4. The guys on swim 11 though did well on pop ups finishing on 9 fish, all over 32lb to 48lb with an average of 41lb 12oz. These guys had to leave early on Friday morning so Guillaume and Cyril moved from swim 4 and were pleased they did as by the afternoon they had their first fish at 44lb which was followed by a 41lb mirror and 38lb common overnight to leave them with 3 fish in less than 24 hours.

Best swims of the week though has to be swim 8 for Darren and his Dad Jim who fished swim 7. Both lads had previous PB's of 20 odd pound so came with high expectations of beating them. First fish out for Jim smashed his, when a nice 45lb 7oz mirror couldn't resist the Hybrid boilies. Overjoyed at that, he wasn't prepared for the second fish early the following morning which was a cracking common at 51lb 14oz. Just what dreams are made of. Sunday was quiet but on Monday he had 2 fish 20 minutes apart, starting with a 36lb 12 followed by another dip in the water to photograph a mirror of 50lb 4oz (we insist all fish over 50lb are photographed in the water). Another 38lb and a 27lb left him on 6 fish and an average of 41lb 8oz and after Wednesday when the frost kicked in he saw no more action on his swim.

Son Darren on 8 also smashed his PB with the first fish of 35lb 8oz. His first 40 came the following day landing a 45lb mirror. He had fish everyday and finished on a total of 21, including 10 over 30 and 4 over 40lb to 48lb 9oz, so 14 fish over his previous PB. Though he had a few small fish they were all beautifully scaled.

Overall average for the week was 36lb 8oz so nice one guys.

w/e 22nd April 2017:
A great start to the week last week with glorious sunshine and above average temperatures which left our anglers a bit scorched at the beginning if the week. Then the cold winds and frosty nights left everybody well wrapped up feeling like winter had returned. But with Pb's being smashed with practically every fish out they didnt mind too much. For our group of UK anglers, Ken Price, Jin Cadwallader and Daman Lee fishing pegs 10&11, they got off to a great start with new Pb's from their first run. A 36lb for Ken, 34lb for Damian and a 41 lb for Jim. So already pressure was off. Fishing scopex, pineapple or tutti boilies mainly, on chods, d-rigs and snowman rigs, they went on to land 22 fish between them including 8 over 40 and 2 over 50. their previous Pb's were low 30's so a great week for them all and we will see Ken and Damian again next year as they have already rebooked in the chalet with their wives for next June.

In the chalet this week were William Wiegers and his wife Diane. Fishing krill boilies against the dam wall mainly they too had a memorable week with 11 fish, including 3 over 40 and a massive 57lb mirror. Another Pb for him, nice one William.

One of our regular French anglers, Jean Luc, was over on swim 8 for 5 nights, and he also had a great session. He was fishing garlic boilies and finished on 11 fish including 3 over 40 and a 53lb 4oz common.

So overall, 44 fish, of which 15 were over 40lb and 4 over 50lb giving an average of 38lb 11oz for the week.

18th-25th March 2017:
We were joined again by Stev Briggs and his lovely wife Joan. Despite some chilly, wet weather, as you will see in the video Steve has done, and fishing from the chalet and swim 10, Steve ended up on 12 fish for the week. Using a basic snowman setup with Nash scopex boilies and the occasional citrus pop up at distances of averaging about 90m, the total was 7 over 30lb including the stunning 35lb linear, 3 over 40lb and of course the cracking 51lb12oz common, giving him an average of 37lb 3oz. Joan loves the chalet and enjoyed some well earned luxury with TV and heating! Got to be up there as one of the best bivvies ever. And with the evening meals delivered, do ask Steve how many portions of cheesecake he ate, it was a nice relaxing trip for her too.

On swim 1 for the week was a regular visitor to our water, Richard Piotrowski. Using fishmeal boilies he finished his first session of the year here on 10 fish, including 6 over 30, and 2 40's to 49lb 6oz and an average of 36lb 8oz.

Overall average for the week was 37lb so good angling guys. Richards photos to follow.

Only a few weeks in to the new season and we are already far behind with the catch reports! Must try harder lol. Ok so we are going back now to the week beginning March 25th when we were joined by Ross and Barry on swim 11 and Jens and Diethard in the chalet. It was the second visit for Ross and Barry and last time it didn't go so well for Barry who was left holding the net for Ross most of the week. So he was so pleased to get his revenge this trip. Of the 33 fish landed we wont say how many Ross had, oh ok he had 4, leaving Barry to smash his PB for both mirrors, twice, and commons with mirrors of 47 then 53lb and a common of 51lb. they finished on 12 over 40, and the 2 50's, a staggering tally by anyones standards, fishing fruity boilies and pop ups to achieve an average of 38lb.

it was quieter for the boys in the chalet but they still had an average of 38lb over 10 fish including 5 over 40, at a bit longer range of 120-130m on bolt rigs. overall average for the week was also 38lb.

So the record breaking week beginning 1st April. 7 anglers on, Michael and Ton Van Der Steen in the chalet, Andy Krankota and Anika on swim 8, Wim Konnig and Erik Trapman on swim 11 and Marco on swim 4. Erik and Wim back for their 3rd year and loving the cabin up there and of course our food package. Using a mixture of tigernuts and fruity boilies popped up on chod or simple rigs, they had a lovely grasscarp of 26l...b and mirrors of 43lb12 and 49lb 8 the biggest. They lost quite a few so they will be asking themselves many questions before their next trip.

Marco was here for his 5th time and he smashed it yet again. over 10 fish his average was 44lb, and was topped off by a stunning mirror at 61lb 10oz. nice one Marco.

Here for the first time was Andy and his girlfriend Anika, of Jet Fish. Using squid and other things seafood flavoured, they landed 12 fish, again a massive average of 43lb, and included 5 over 40, 54lb 12 and 59lb. The big fish are coming out of everywhere!

Top rods of the week though were the 2 brothers in the chalet. OMG! they had a trip of a lifetime, fishing cell in a multi rig or snowman at distances of 80-120m and they landed 40 fish between them, including 16 over 40lb, yes 16, and 3 over 50lb to 52lb 13oz. their average over those 40 fish was a whopping 38lb 8oz.
So that gave the staggering total of 29 40's, 5 50's and a 61+ and an incredible average of 40lb 2oz over 68 fish. we have never seen so many big fish in 1 week so good angling guys.

To bring us right up to date now, here we go with the catch report from last week, beginning 8th April. Scott and Neil were back again in the chalet after an absence of quite a few years for Neil, but good to see them both again. No way they could follow the success of last week but they did have 3 over 40 and 2 new PB's for Neil fishing Nutcrackers to the dam wall mainly.

Here for their first time were Anthony, Andy, Sean and Nathan. They were fishing quite a mixture of baits, Yell IB, Nutcracker, Cell, Tuna and Garlic and Pineapple and mainly D rigs. Anthony was on swim 4 to start with having chosen to fish the deeper end, then moved to his booked swim 8. A good move for him as he finished with 8 of his 9 fish from there topped off with a mirror of 48lb 8oz.

Anthony was on swim 5 and did well with 9 fish at a distance of 80 yards and had 6 30's and 2 40's to 47lb 10oz.

A nice 35lb mirror for Sean on 2 and Nathan on 1 who moved to swim 6 had a quiet week until the last night when he had a 31lb 8oz, and 20 minutes before he was due to reel his rods in he had a run giving him a new PB and a stunning common at 49lb.

Lars was back on swim 11 for his 2nd time having had a very quiet week last year. He was not disappointed this time though and he broke his PB numerous times. Finishing on 10 fish, 4 over 40lb to 46lb.

Overall average for the week was 36lb 6oz from 38 fish including 20 30's and 11 40's.

w/e 9th July 2016:
4 anglers enjoyed some summer sunshine to land yet more cracking fish.  Marc Haberkorn, here for the first time fishing on swim 8 used stiff rigs and tiger nuts around the lily pads and landed 6 fish to 35lb including a stunning linear.  Florian Becker and Erwin Neufeld back for their second time on swim 11 also fished tigernuts on normal rigs to produce 9 fish, including 3 over 40 and a cracking mirror of 54lb.  They also had a couple of stunning scaly mirrors.  Bjorn Verbeeck was in the chalet with his family and did well with tigernuts or liver boilies to produce 9 fish too including mirrors of 44lb and a 53lb 4oz.  With most fish coming out early morning, early evening or through the night they took the opportunity of spending an afternoon at the Vallee des Singes, or Valley of Monkeys, situated an hour away and a great parc where the monkeys are wandering free around you. For the small children there is also le Parc de Bellevue near Limoges with rollercoasters, bouncy castles and trampolines especially for the under 10's.

Taking advantage of our quiet week, Robert Alfrey spent 2 days of his holiday visiting family in the area, fishing on swim 10 with father in law Steve Milhench.  Using our Triple R Garlic boilies on a stiff hinge rig he landed a new PB with a 40lb 7oz mirror.

Roel Puts took over from Robert for the last 2 days of the week whilst partner Ivonne stayed in the gite in the main house. Whilst there were no fish for Roel this time they are back again in September and Ivonne fell in love so much with the gite they have booked it again for the week in September and for their trip next year in July. So the gite is proving to be a popular way for the guys to fish on a swim higher up the lake whilst still providing very comfortable accommodation for the girls who dont want to bivvy up. A good and cheaper alternative to the chalet.

On a final note, we couldn't let this week pass without expressing our sadness over the attack in Nice on Thursday evening. Our thoughts and prayers go to all those affected.

w/e 9th July 2016:
Some glorious weather at last, though it was still fresh on some mornings, but great to see a warm dry spell. Spanish lads Eduardo Aranda and Sergio Ibero were up on swim 8 fishing tiger nuts to various spots between the lillies and had 6 carp to 43lb, including 3 high 30's. Special mention though goes to Ruben, here with his Dad on swim 11, celebrating his 18th birthday. He was hoping for some nice fish as a souvenir of his birthday and he wasn't disappointed. Though the first of the big fish came when he was in the shower so Dad Marc had to land it. When Ruben got back to the swim he thought Marc was joking when he told him to hurry until he saw the fish in the net, a nice 42lb 4oz mirror on a tigernut. But more nice fish followed, also on tigernuts, including mirrors of 36lb 12oz and 45lb 8oz, until 17.45 on Thursday when he smashed his PB after landing a mirror of 52lb 9oz. Ruben was still excited about that one when he had a double run and Marc had to help him land his brace of 40s, both weighing in at 48lb 6oz. Truly a great session and a great way to celebrate his 18th.

In total 6 over 30lb, 5 over 40lb and & over 50lb to give an average for the week of 34lb 2oz. Photos on Facebook and the website very soon

w/e 2nd July 2016:
Some nice fish for Steve Inns on swim 10, he was fishing Quest Bait's Rhaja Spice and our MTC Triple R Garlic over a small bed of particles about 80 yards out on a multi rig and Mainline Pop up. This produced 7 fish, 3 over 30lb, 42lb 2oz, 44lb 4oz and 44lb 8oz and an average of 37lb 12oz though as he was fishing on his own he didn't take any photos.

w/e 25th June 2016:
Finally the sun has come out! 2 days this week the temperatures soared to 32 degrees and about time too. 5 anglers on and with some great results too. Brian Phair on swim 2 kicked off his session with a new PB when he landed a mirror of 45lb on a bolt rig with a plumberry boilie at 100yds out. He followed that up with a 42lb mirror at 50 yards so his week was sealed already. After a 34lb and a 27lb he thought his week couldn't get any better but before he finished he had another PB with a 46lb mirror. Then just minutes before packing up the night he was leaving his rod went off near the sluice gate and he landed a stunning 52lb mirror. His average this week was bigger than his last PB so nice one Brian.

Over on the other bank Jon Martin and Maurice Love were fishing swim 10 with stiff hinge rigs and fruit boilies to about 70 yards out. New PBs for both of them too with the first fish for Maurice, another cracking mirror at 49lb 12oz. Jon followed that up with a 38lb 8oz then broke his PB with a mirror at 50lb 2oz. Completely made up with that it didn't end there, he had mirrors of 45lb 2oz and 49lb 12oz.

The chalet was home to Gavin and Jane Grimshaw and Chris, here also this time last year in the chalet. First fish for Chris was a great way to start, a 46lb mirror off a tuna boilie on a helicopter rig at 80 yards. Another 40lb followed this time on a combi rig and a squid boilie. So the money looked like it was going to Chris for this week, though they are here for 2 weeks, but at the last minute Gavin sneaked it off him when he landed a 54lb 10oz mirror also off a combi rig and squid boilie. So gloves are off this week and Chris is out for revenge! (their photos to follow) Overall average for the week was 41lb 9oz, with 17 fish on the bank, 3 20's, 3 30's, 2 low 40's, 6 high 40's and 3 50's. Nice one lads.

w/e 18th June 2016:
A quiet one with only 3 anglers on, 2 in the chalet and 1 on swim 11. Weather continued to be very bad with more rain and cool temperatures for June. The fishing wasn't easy for Alex Slingerland up on 11 who fished fruit or triple r garlic boilies on either blow back or chod rigs. But he landed 5 fish including 4 over 30lb to give him an average of 30lb 13oz.

The 2 guys on the chalet swim had 8 fish between them including 4 over 30lb, 44lb, 50lb 10, 52lb 13 and the shock of the week, the catfish! Their scales only weighed up to 40kg so we dont know exactly the weight but it measured 1.8m in length. Without the catfish their overall average was 41lb 3oz so nice one guys.

w/e 11th June 2016:
What a difference a week makes. A lovely week for weather, at last some sunshine to start drying things off a bit. But of course with the warm weather the fish did start to think about spawning and were mostly up the top end of the lake. So not good for the guys on the chalet swim, Herman and Frans, back again for their 4th time but they finished with 2 nice mirrors over 30lb.

The rest of the lake fished its nuts off, good news indeed for the 7 Irish lads, most of which were here in France for the first time. Their previous PB's were smashed out of the water with the first fish for Darren on swim 6 at 48lb 10oz and for Conor on swim 7 with a 49lb 14oz and also for Butch on swim 8 with a 49lb 8oz. That was all on the first night! The amazing week continued with too many fish to list! But each of the 7 lads who fished also swims 10 and 11, had at least 1 fish over 40lb, of which there were 12 caught, and for 3 lucky anglers, there were 6 fish over 50lb. 1 to Darren with a 55lb mirror with Mainline Cell on a chod rig at 60 yards, 2 for Ryan, a mirror at 50lb 4oz and a common at 50lb 6oz on blow back rigs with Mainline Cell boilies and the star this week was Butch, also on swim 8, who had 3 fish over 50lb. The first of which was a stunning mirror at 56lb 8oz on Mainline Hybrid boilies off the bottom, followed by another mirror at 55lb 10 oz on Live System from Mainline and a stunning 55lb 6 oz common with Live System on a chod rig to finish.

Amazing fishing lads, all in all 68 fish from 77 runs, a total of 2284lb and an average of over 33lb. Nice one lads see you next year.

w/e 4th June 2016:
Well Noah would have had his work cut out with all the rain this week. Non stop torrential downpours most days left the fronts of the swims underwater again and the top sluice gate open fully to cope with it all. There was severe flooding all over Europe in fact so our thoughts and prayers go to those that have lost their lives. And our respect to all the brave anglers that stuck it out to the end though their moral did suffer at several points in the week.

Mark and his family were very glad to have booked the chalet. On some of the grey days they managed to get the children out to Futuroscope, a 4D theme park in Poitiers which is about 1.5 hours drive from here and Mark fished the other days and the nights of course. He had a good week fishing Mainline Cell Opal on chod rigs about 100yds along the dam wall and finished on 9 fish including 6 over 30lb and a 41lb 9oz.

Arjan and his girlfriend fished swim 11, her first time fishing with him so lets hope the weather hasnt put her off future trips! They also did well under the circumstances and landed 5 fish from 9 runs including 2 over 30lb and 2 40's to 46lb 14oz.

Top rods this week though undeniably were Charlie and his dad Barry, back for their 3rd trip this time on swim 8. Fishing a mixture of pop up and bottom baits with a rum and raisin boilie at distances of between 65 and 90 yards the first night produced 2 fish only 20 minutes apart and gave Charlie a new Pb with a very nice mirror at 52lb and appropriately called "Happy". So day 1 and the pressure is already off and some big smiles with a big fish to help Barry celebrate his birthday. Sunday was also a good day with another 3 fish including 2 over 40. Catching every day their spirits were good despite the weather and after another 45lb6oz amongst others on Monday Charlie did it again and broke his Pb with another monster mirror at 54lb this time on a tigernut. Could this week really get any better! Yes it can and on Wednesday he pulled out another Pb with a 56lb 6oz Common. What a week! With Barry's new pb too with the 45lb 6 oz it was a great trip for them both.

Overall average for the week was a little over 34lb.

w/e 28th May 2016:
Another 6 anglers who nearly got washed away the first weekend with the heaviest rain we have ever seen. 50mm fell in under 24 hours leaving swims under water at the leading edge and forcing us to open a sluice gate, a real rarity at this time of the year. But they carried on regardless of course and produced some cracking fish and more new pb's for their efforts. A week for commons too with over 10 in the 20's, 30's, 40's, 53lb and even a 61lb 10oz. And yes new pb's too.

Jeff and Paul flew in and took advantage of the tackle hire package as they usually do and had their best week here yet. The Irish flags were certainly flying high all over their swim, and indeed the quad! Landing 19 fish from 28 runs on swim 8 on our MTC Triple R Garlic boilies, they had a great average of 32lb 10oz, a new Pb for Paul twice when he had a 42 then a 44lb 8oz, and for the 2nd year running Jeff had a fish over 50, this time a mirror at 52lb.

Lee and Spence didnt do quite so well over on swim 10 but still landed 3 fish on tutti boilies on a snowman set up to produce mirrors of 41lb and 42lb and a stonking common of 53lb.

Stars of the show this week though were Dennis and his dad, Rob, up on swim 11. They Fished a mixture of mulberry and Cell boilies and tiger nuts and finished with 22 fish, average of 38lb13oz, 7 commons to 61lb 10oz, and 15 mirrors to 59lb 6 oz.

Overall the average was 36lb 9oz, including 13 over 30lb, 14 over 40lb, 3 over 50lb and 1 at 61lb 10oz. What a week!

Photos and videos on Facebook.

w/e 21st May 2016:
6 anglers braved the less than seasonal weather again this week meaning still no sign of spawning. All but 1 of the anglers are regulars, always nice to see them and a few nice fish in the nets too. An explanation of the great video of Iain posted earlier is perhaps required at this point. He has been a few times and this time he brought his partner Diane and they fished swim 10. This swim had fished badly the week before but the first night produced a nice 41lb 5oz mirror on a tiger nut boilie at 120 yards. Changing then to pop ups he pulled out another 2 over 30lb a bit closer in at 60 yards, 1 common and 1 mirror. The next fish gave him his new pb when he landed a mirror at 49lb 15oz! Hence the dancing on the video. Finishing up with a pb grassy too at 39lb 10oz he was a very happy angler.

Berny up on swim 11 was hoping to continue his success from last year and he wasnt disappointed either. He used a mixture of chod or blow back rigs with tiger nuts, pop ups, and boilies in garlic, tuna and octopex and landed 11 fish including 7 over 30lb and a massive mirror at 55lb. So a new pb for him too.

Other swims were less productive but still saw 2 mirrors of 48lb, and 44lb among others. So in total 12 over 30lb, 6 over 40lb and the 55lb, overall average 35lb.

Photos and videos on Facebook

w/e 14th May 2016:
A group of 9 Irish lads booked the whole lake exclusively this week for their 2nd time. The weather was really against them with heavy rain on all but a couple of days so the shorts are well and truly back in the drawer! It didnt dampen their spirits though too much as there were still 4 new PBs on what was the first French trip for 3 of the lads. Highlights of the week were a nice grass carp for Paul on swim 1 at 33lb, a new PB for Tony on swim 8 with a 41lb 8oz mirror, a new PB for Ryan on swim 7 with a 36lb mirror, 3 40's and a new PB for Paul K on swim 5, and a smashing common at 55lb 5oz for Richard on swim 11. But special mention goes to 12 year old Alex, on the chalet swim with dad Ken, who, on his first trip to France, bagged a cracking mirror and a new PB of 48lb. So well done Alex.

So overall fewer fish this week, only 26 between them, but in difficult weather conditions. With 8 over 30lb, 8 over 40lb and 1 over 50 the average for the week remains fairly consistent at 34lb 5oz.

w/e 7th May 2016:
We were blessed with the first real warm sunshine of the summer this week, at least for a couple of days, and the shorts have come out of storage! Good news for our 8 anglers who made the most of it. They were quite well spread out fishing swims 4, 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12 . (Of course swim 9 is open now all summer as Piet who normally stays 6 months has cancelled this year due to family issues.) The swims nearer the road end though did struggle this week. 2 Dutch lads on the chalet swim fished MTC Sweet Scopex to produce 2 40's. A nice 50lb mirror came out on Mainline Cell for the guys on swim 10 on a chod rig. Irish lads on 7,8 and 11 also fished with Cell and tigernuts and had a much better week. Chris and Eddy up on 8 had 19 fish between them including 9 over 30lb, 4 over 40lb to 49lb 8 oz, and topped it off with a stunning common at 54lb 7oz. Cathal stole the show though on swim 11 with 21 fish, 6 over 30lb, 7 over 40lb to 49lb 8oz and topped off with a cracking mirror at 51lb. After Chris' incredible session last year when he had over 40 fish it was Cathal's turn this year to win their competition though with a 50 each I dont think either of them were disappointed. And neither were we, after 15 over 30lb, 14 over 40lb and 3 over 50 the overall average was 35lb 3oz.

w/e 30th April 2016:
With some bizarre weather throughout the Uk and Europe this week, we didn't do too badly though the nights have been bitterly cold with ground frost.  Some lovely sunshine through the day has made up for it and the lake has yet again produced some nice lumps. 

Christophe and his 12 year old son, Jason fished swim 8 and it was slow going for them both with carp only every other day.  Using combi rigs and a mixture of tigernuts, mulberry boilies or halibut pellets they had 3 over 33 (15kg+) and a stonking 49lb (22kg) mirror for Jason, too big for him to lift, bless him.  What a pb for a lad of his age! They are back in the chalet at the end of October with Mum.

It was only a little better for Steffan and Susi, regular visitors to us and their first of 2 trips this year.  Fishing swim 11 and making good use of the cabin they also caught fish every other day on tigernuts or Mainline Hybrid boilies, and finished on 5, including 39lb (18kg), 46lb 7oz (21.1kg) and a mirror of 50lb10oz (23kg).

Top rods this week were The guys on swim 10.  They did much better using either MTC black bait or CC Moores tuna and both finished with new Pb's.  With 17 fish between them, including 9 over 30lb (13kg), 3 over 44lb (20kg) and 3 over 50lb, mirrors of 51lb11oz and 53lb14oz and a common of 56lb2oz (23.5kg, 24.5kg, and 25.5kg).  Frank booked again already and is back in October.

So with 13 over 30lb, 5 over 40lb and 4 over 50lb the overall average for the week 37lb 11oz (17.1kg).

w/e 23rd April 2016:
Another week for strange weather, 23 degrees at best but very changeable with rain again. James and his family fished the chalet swim on Sticky Baits Krill mainly though his one rod with a tigernut on produced another grass carp at 14kg (31lb). Using a mixture of bottom baits and pop ups he finished on 7 fish in total smashing his previous French PB of 20.9kg (46lb) not once but twice with mirrors of 23.6kg (52lb) and a 26.4kg (58lb) so another very happy angler.

Glenn and his father fished swim 6 and 8 using either tigernuts with Goo Berry or Garlic, or acid pear or scopex pop ups at ranges of 50 to 120m to produce 14 fish. A few small ones from swim 8, including a stunning fully scaled mirror (no photo though) but they finally finished with 5 over 30lb and 3 over 40 to 43lb 8 (19.8kg).

Photos as usual on Facebook and the website very soon

Back this year are the MTC Triple R Garlic boilies in 20mm that did really well a couple of years ago. Orders now being taken, sale price 9.95 euro per kilo.

w/e 16th April 2016:
Not sure how to follow on from the honeymooners story from last week, which made it into last weeks issue of Carp Talk so nice for Claire and Stuart to see themselves in print. Another one for their album for sure.

So all guys this week, Erik and Wim back this time on swim 11 in the cabin hoping to do better than last time when they only had 1 fish. They succeeded with 2 on the first night fishing Triple X boilies on stiff rigs and were rewarded with 18.8kg and 16.25kg (41lb5oz and 35lb12oz). The rest of the week for them was a bit slow but they saved the best for last when Wim landed a lovely 22.4kg mirror (49lb4oz) and his new PB.

In the chalet Johan and Glenn were here for the first time. They were using tigernuts and hemp to great effect and landed 20 fish from 24 runs. Fishing only about 90m out along the wall or straight out into open water they had 11 over 30, 5 over 40, including 2 grasscarp at 13 and 17kg (28lb and 37lb) so a great intro to the lake.

Overall average for the week 16kg (35lb 5oz)

w/e 9th April 2016:
A special week this week for our guests for 2 reasons. Firstly of course we were very happy to welcome Steve and Joan Briggs to the chalet, now known as Joan's bivvy, and honeymoon couple Stuart and Claire Heather, here to celebrate their recent marriage. We also welcomed back Michael with his colleague Rene, his first time here with us.

Steve kicked it off with a scaly 31lb mirror from the chalet swim on Saturday afternoon so everyone was feeling very positive for the week ahead as the fish were clearly on the feed and into the Nash 4G Squid that Steve had to offer. But nobody could have imagined how well the honeymooners would do up on swim 11. Their fish all came out on Mainline Cell, the first at 2.00am to Stuart at only about 50yds out in front of the swim and it was a great start, a 47lb 14oz mirror. They had already decided to take turns on each run and Claire wasn't disappointed when the next run came 2 hours later from 80 yrds and she beat her previous PB with a 46lb mirror. Pressure well and truly off! Stuart lost the next fish at the rod tip but that was great news for Claire as the next run produced another PB for her with a massive 53lb 8oz mirror. She had wanted a photo of her in her wedding dress with a large fish but of course our rules now state that everything over 50lb has to be photographed n the water. They had opted to rent the large cabin we have up there so she dashed in to get her dress on whilst Stuart weighed the fish only to hear what all brides wish to hear on their honeymoon when Stuart shouted "Get you're dress off.....and put your waders on"!!!! The photo in the dress wold have to wait. Their run of good luck continued with another 2 over 40lb for Stuart and another 40 for Claire, also 8 over 30 to give them 15 fish and an average of 38lb 8oz. They did also manage to get a photo of Claire in her dress with a 37lb mirror and some lovely shots of them both with the lake in the background. We wish them all the happiness in the world and they have some wonderful memories of the honeymoon.

For Michael and Rene on swim 10 they also had some nice fish fishing Eddy Sterkx boilies, either sweet or tiger nut, in a snowman formation to about 100yds producing 4 fish between 29lb and 41lb 6oz and another stunning mirror at 51lb 4oz.

Steve and Joan had a great week in the chalet, a real home from home for Joan who hardly came out all week, enjoying instead the luxury of a heated house with TV for a change. He landed 2 more carp on the Nash 4G squid including a lovely 35lb common. We all enjoyed a meal together in the conservatory on the Tuesday with Paul and Carmen Armfield of Armfield Angling, sharing a bottle of champagne to toast the newlyweds. Great company and a lot of laughs and a lovely evening for us all.

Overall average for the week 38lb 5lb, with 3 over 50lb, 6 over 40lb and 12 over 30lb, so good angling guys.

w/e 12th March 2016:
An awesome week for Klaus and Patrick on swim 10. With strong winds, heavy rain, hail storms and freezing temperatures overnight they stood up to it all and the fishing went crazy. With 2 30's, 3 40's, 3 50's and a 63lb 6oz (28.8kg) common it was a dream of a night's fishing. The second night produced another 8 fish including a massive mirror at 59lb 6oz (27kg). Feeding only a handful of pellets and a few boilies each time with the bait boat and a fruit and fish boilie as hook bait was really paying off for them. They continued to haul in fish every night and had some spectacular linears to 39lb (17.8kg) and commons at 39lb, 51lb 11oz (23.5kg) and of course the 63lb they had fish in every category. They finished the week with 34 fish including 16 over 30lb, 7 over 40lb, 6 over 50lb and the 63lb. So well done guys awesome fishing with an average of 39lb 14oz (18.13kg).

We are now adding an additional rule that all fish over 50lb must be photographed with the angler in the water so please bring waders.

Photos on Facebook and shortly on the website

w/e 5th March 2016:
Well we knew something special was going to happen this year and it happened last night. Klaus and Patrick are fishing from swim 10 and since putting their rods out yesterday morning they have already had 9 fish, 14kg, 16kg, 20.8kg ,21kg, 23kg (50lb) 2 over 24kg (52lb) 25.8kg (56lb 12) and the new lake record with a common at 28.8kg or 63lb 6oz, get in. What a way to start the season with a 60lb plus common. And they have only been here 24 hours and already 2 over 30lb, 2 over 40lb, 4 over 50lb and. 60lb plus. Nice angling guys. Wish you were here? (Photos to follow on Saturday).

Their success follows on from January when Paul Armfield was fishing the chalet swim for 48 hours during which time he landed 5 fish, 40lb, 42lb, 50lb, 52lb and a massive mirror at 59lb 12oz setting the lake record for mirrors.

So since October of last year we have now seen 13 fish over 50lb with a new 63lb 6oz. Of those at least 5 are new fish to go over the 50lbmark so they have really piled on the weight. What will the rest of the season bring?......

w/e 22nd August 2015:
Another warm week, but that didn't stop Iain and his Dad having a great week, Iain's second this year, and following on from his new PB the last time he beat it again. 8 fish from 11 runs that included 3 over 30lb and 3 40's to 43lb and an average of 35lb 5oz all caught on tigernuts at between 100 and 130 yards. Another angler Denis, back for his second visit this year, fished swim 11 and landed 6 fish to 32lb on a mixture of tigernuts, toffee or banana boilies. Overall average for the week 32lb.

For photos, please check out our page at Facebook or our website gallery

w/e 15th August 2015:
At last some serious rain has fallen and the level of the lake has risen, not to normal levels but every little helps. Klaus decided to move to swim 1 for his second week, his reason was because 'it is nearer to the fridge'! Cold beers are in order for sure. He landed 4 carp on garlic boilies, 2 commons 33 and 36lb, a 28lb mirror and a 35lb leather. Mario in the chalet for the first of his 2 week session landed 2 to 35lb. So top rod this week goes to Florian with special help from Steffan who truly saved the day when, after playing the fish to the net, Florian was left speechless when the hook pulled. But with lightning quick reflexes Steffan managed to scoop the fish up in the net before it had a chance to make an escape. They had no idea until they came to lift it just how big it was, then they discovered it was a 51lb common. So team work brought Florian his new PB. That was the penultimate of 9 fish which included 5 over 30lb, so their luck really improved for the 2nd week. Overalll average for the week 32lb 4oz.

w/e 8th August 2015:
A very hot week again made fishing very difficult again for our 5 anglers. 3 of them are regular visitors here, Steffan and Susi were back for their second trip of the year on swim 11 and their first of a 2 week session with their son Florian, and Klaus here also for the first of his 2 weeks on swim 8. Everyone was eagerly awaiting the rain that was forecast for later in the week hoping that it would motivate the carp to get their heads down as the week started very slow. But Klaus had a good start on the first night when his rod screamed off at 23.30 under a gorgeous full moon and he landed a 39lb mirror on tiger nuts. But after that nothing for 5 nights and then 2 runs within an hour produced a 36lb and a gorgeous 28lb with huge scales. He topped off the first week with a stunning linear carp at 26lb. Steffan and Florian were also fishing tiger nuts and landed 4 carp to 33lb. Michael's first trip here produced 6 fish for him on swim 6, also fishing tiger nuts and BBQ pop ups, and included 4 over 30 to 39lb and a 45lb 5oz so he was not disappointed. Mark and Paula were in the chalet for their first tie here and using blowback or KD rigs he landed 1 at 29lb and 2 over 30 to give an overall average for the week of 30lb 7oz.

w/e 1st August 2015:
The 8 anglers this week had a better week with more runs though the fish are still not feeding hard. But 32 fish on the bank, 6 for the Blondeel family in the chalet including 2 over 40lb, 3 for rich on swim 6 including a 42lb on tigernuts on a blowback rig at 80m, and another 41lb for Piet on swim 9. Christophe and Jason, back for their 2nd of 3 trips here this year this time on swim 10, didn't beat the 2 50's they had on swim 11 in April. But did have 3 nice... 30's on strawberry and mulberry boilies on combi rigs at 50-90m. Hans and Marco had 7 fish on a mixture of pop ups, chods and zig rigs with various flavour boilies up on swim 11. Top rod this week went to Fabian whose smile in the photo says it all when he smashed his PB with a 54lb common, the best of his 11 fish caught with pineapple or Triple X boilies on KD rigs. So nice one Fabian. Overall average for the week was a little over 31lb.

w/e 25th July 2015:
The hot dry weather continues. Its been several years since we have seen such a glorious summer so we are trying not to complain too much. The 7 anglers struggled again with the fish still not getting their heads down really but did have 29 fish 41 runs. Again we do advise size 4 hooks and rigs between 20 and 30cm to combat the soft mouths and silty conditions and lots of patience. The hot summer months are not renown for being the best for fishing so its best to keep the expectations realistic and enjoy the setting away from the stresses of everyday life.

Another nice mixture of familiar faces and new ones creating a lovely atmosphere at the BBQ. Peter and Anneleen have been a few times now so good to see them again on swim 11 and using his acquired knowledge of the swim he landed 6 nice fish, all but 1 over 30lb, to 38lb 11oz fishing tiger nuts to between 30 and 50m. New guys Alex and his girlfriend were on swim 10 and using Mainline Cell boilies on a blowback rig at only 35m he got off to a great start with his first fish at 44lb 10oz. He landed another 5 all over 30lb, again with blowback or chod rigs at 80 to 100m on a mixture of either Cell boilies or tigernuts to give him an average of 36lb 11oz so good angling Alex.

We hadn't seen Michael for a few years so good to welcome him back again with Marcel who started their week on swims 5 and 6. They fished bloodworm and krill or spicy boilies and tigernuts on combi or D rigs and Michael landed 7 fish to 39lb. After 2 nights on swim 5 and 2 fish to 40lb Marcel moved up to 8 where he landed a further 5 fish, 3 over 30lb, to 39lb. With 2 fish for the chalet also that gave an overall average of 30lb 15oz this week.

w/e 18th July 2015:
The hot temperatures and no rainfall has meant that we have lost a lot of water and the levels on the lake are low with more weed than we would normally see. But it has not stopped the fish coming out. It has been lovely to see so many familiar faces with regular visitors on all but 1 swim. Roel and Ivonne on swim 8 fished with tiger nuts popped up to produce 8 fish from 9 runs and though they weren't huge fish after spending a week on another lake with nothing the whole week they were glad to see some carp. With 4 over 30lb he was happy.

Newbie Dave and son Harry had a new PB with every fish landing 3 high 20's, 4 low 30's, 3 high 30's to 39lb 4oz (Harry's new PB) and a 41lb 2oz (Dave's new PB). So a great introduction to the lake for them. We hadn't seen Jens and Isabelle for 4 years following the birth of their daughter Iris so it was an emotional reunion with them this week. They fished the chalet swim and the highlights of their 9 fish were a cracking grass carp at 37lb, a beautiful linear at 17lb and a mirror at 42lb 11oz on fruity boilies. Despite the low levels thought the biggest fish of the week came out of swim 11 for Philippe and Margot with a 47lb 5oz mirror. Fishing tigernuts on blow back rigs at distances of between 25 and 60m he finished the week on 11 fish including 6 30's and 3 40's.

w/e 11th July 2015:
The scorching hot weather continues... Abnormal temperatures of 44 degrees in the sun persisted again making it difficult to sit on the bank during the day. The fish appeared to be in the deeper water with the chalet having 38 runs and 26 fish in the net. Fishing with tiger nuts popped up they had 10 fish over 30 including a nice grass carp and a mirror both at 39lb (but sorry no photos at all). Swim 8 fished shrimp or garlic boilies on either simple basic rigs or chod rigs at between 40 and 80m and landed 8 fish to 36lb. So more fish than we had expected with the heat.

w/e 4th July 2015:
An absolutely scorching week here with the thermometer reading over 40 degrees in the sun most days. The 5 anglers had fortunately chosen shady swims, 9, 11 and 12 and though there were no really big fish out they did have 34 fish from 48 runs despite the heat. Piet in swim 9 had 5 fish this week between 24lb and 39lb. Erwin and Florian up on swim 11 had the biggest fish of the week at 46lb and a couple of real stunners, fishing butter and cream or liver boilies in the margins really at 20m and to the lilies at 60m. But top rods were Rainer and Sabrina in the chalet who had 21 fish from 30 runs, including 7 in one day. They were using either almond or banana and pineapple boilies in a snowman rig or tiger nuts to distances of between 76 and 136m to produce fish to 38lb.

w/e 27th June 2015:
Another hot week with glorious sunshine every day and temperatures in the high 20's at least. It didn't spoil the fishing either and 7 anglers had 51 fish from 71 runs. Gavin celebrated his 50th birthday with a week in the chalet, so a few balloons adorned the bivvy, a few beers were downed and much cake was consumed with his wife Jane and mate Chris and of course Jet the dog. 11 fish came out for them on fruity boilies, including 5 over 30 to 35lb 7oz. ...Joop and Patricia fished their 2nd week again on swim 10 using the same fruit or garlic boilies and tiger nuts popped up and had 21 fish, smallest 26lb, 13 over 30lb and 4 over 40lb to 48lb 4oz so a cracking week for them with a average of a little under 35lb. Phil normally a pike angler fished swim 6 and with a little help from Nigel and Jon he got his new PB with a 32lb mirror. Nigel and Jon were in swim 2 and landed 9 fish between them on fruit boilies to 40lb 8oz fishing between 50 and 70 yards out. Nathan joined us for 3 nights up on swim 8 and fished tiger nuts on blow back rigs to the lily pads and landed 7 fish including a cracking 51lb mirror. So well done to all in the heat, the overall average for the week was 31lb 3oz.

w/e 20th June 2015:
After a few days of rain the sunshine returned and the temperatures were back to normal for June. So a very pleasant week for our 5 anglers, resulting in some good fish and a few PB's to. All our guests this week were regular visitors to French waters though it was their first time here. Wim and Izhar were up on swim 8 with Jessica acting as photographer and she did a great job with their 24 fish. Fishing a mixture of scopex and garlic boilies and pop ups or tigernuts on blow back rigs to the lily pads their biggest was a little under 42lb with 7 over 30lb. Mario and his wife were in the chalet and he fished tigernuts and garlic boilies on KD rigs at a distanc of between 85 and 120m to produce 7 fish, including 4 over 30lb, a 43lb 6oz and a 46lb. He didn't have a Jessica though so there are no photos. But he is back for 2 weeks in August with another angler. Joop and his wife Patricia started their first week of a 2 week trip on swim 11 where they landed 3 fish, 2 30's and a 22lb. But when the weather got hot they decided to follow the fish down the lake a little and moved to swim 10 where they landed a further 10 fish. Their tactics were small 12mm fruity pop ups and 15mm fruit boilies on a snowman rig producing in all 8 over 30lb to 39lb 6oz, a 41lb 8oz and Patricia's new PB mirror at 53lb 2oz. So 44 fish from 50 runs and an overall average of 30lb 9oz.

w/e 13th June 2015:
A very quiet week for us here this week with only 2 anglers on. At opposite ends of the lake on swims 11 and the chalet swim they were nicely spread out. Andy and Cas, regular visitors, usually fish swim 8 but with the very warm weather forecast they elected to fish the more shaded swim 11 instead. Using Mainline Cell and fishing to the lilly pads at 50m to the left or straight out and just 10m to the right they landed 22 fish from 29 runs. Initially Andy had size 6 and 8 hooks on but changed to size 4 after which he didnt lose any more fish. His fish included 5 over 30 and 2 40's to 45lb 8oz. Herman always fishes the chalet swim and after a very quiet session for him last year we were keen to see him do much better this time and he was not disappointed . He finished on 11 carp on a mixture of Velocity Bait Garlic boilies and a few tiger nuts thrown in for good measure, at a distance of between 90 and 130m. There are very few lillies down at this end of the lake so he used the existing markers. It was lovely to see every one again, and we will see them all again next year.

w/e 6th June 2015:
The weather was a little more unsettled with some cold mornings. 5 anglers fished swims 8, 11 and 12 again on a mixture of squid, or fruit boilies, particles and tiger nuts. Alvise and Filippo on swim 11 had 17 fish to 43lb. Dean and Paul on swim 8 had 8 fish to 38lb 8. Top rod this week went to Heiko on the chalet swim, using squid boilies he landed 22 fish from 25 runs. The biggest included 10 over 30, 3 over 40 and a stunning 55lb 7 common.

w/e 30th May 2015:
Another warm week and some awesome fish for our 8 anglers. Simon was in the area for few days so he did 2 nights on swim 2 and with some fruit boilies he did well with 5 fish to 40lb. Iain and Aaron were up on swim 11 on a mixture of mulberry boilies and tiger nuts. The first fish out for Aaron smashed his previous PB when he landed a 40lb 5oz mirror and with a nice 38lb 5oz mirror for Iain they were off to a great start. These were the biggest of their session and they finished on 17 fish for the week from 25 runs. The chalet also fished well with 15 fish on the bank including 2 40's. Jeff and Paul on swim 10 had the best possible start to their trip when Paul landed his PB common at 53lb. Top rods though this week were Lee, Brad and Brian on swim 8. Fishing over beds of ground bait, pellets, hemp and boilies their first 3 fish were over 40lb. So for 13yr old Brad it was shaping up to be quite a session already. They needed something to cheer them up after receiving a phone call on their way here to ask why there was still a large bag of kit in the driveway! So with spirits revived their session got better and better and they finished on 9 40's to 48lb, 8 30's and 3 high 20's. Sadly though the camera was in that big bag of kit on the driveway so we only have very few photos. In all there were 14 40's and a 50 out this week.

w/e 23rd May 2015:
Another glorious week in terms of weather though with a few cold nights. 7 anglers landed 52 runs from 64 runs. Iain and Jason were together on swim 8, fishing over a big bed of particles with tiger nut and peanut boilies. Iain's first fish smashed his previous PB weighing in at 37lb15oz and his week was off to a great start. It got better though when he followed that with another over 30lb and then a nice 42lb 3oz. His last fish was another 40 at 40lb 8oz. Jason did equally well with 2 over 40 too, a 41lb12oz and a 44lb 10ozoz. The chalet also did well this week, Dimitri and 'Berger' with 8 fish over 30lb and 3 over 40 to 43lb, 15 fish in total from 19 runs. Top rods this week were Rob and son Dennis on swim 11 who landed 22 fish, using Mainine Cell or Mulberry boilies and tiger nuts. They finished their week with 6 over 30, 6 over 40 and a cracking 54lb common. Overall average for the week was 33lb so good angling guys.

Photos as usual on Facebook

w/e 16th May 2015:
A very quiet week due to the warm sunshine bringing on spawning clearly visible in the margins to the back of the lake and down the right hand side keeping Piet awake on swim 9! It is only to be expected though for this time of year and though some of the anglers didn't catch very much they accepted it was just bad luck. But still some nice fish came out including 17 over 30lbs, 7 over 40lbs (one a grass carp at 40lb 8oz) and 1 at 53lb 5oz. Sadly very few photos were taken on cameras only on phones so we are still waiting for them to comeback in. So in the meantime here is 1 from last week with Sander, who fished swim 6, and this lovely grey mirror and 2 40's for Rich, back this week on session 2 of 4 here this year.

Etang De Brigueuil - May 2015 Etang De Brigueuil - May 2015 Etang De Brigueuil - May 2015
Click to enlarge images

w/e 9th May 2015:
A very busy week around the lake with 11 anglers spread right around the lake. The water temperature was around 17 degrees so no sign of spawning yet. A group of Dutch guys, Balacs, Alex and Sander, fished swims 4 to 6 on Eddie Sterckx's Red Devil with pineapple pop-ups or tiger nuts and they landed 6 over 30lb and 2 40's. More Dutch guys, Kees and his son Jarno, on swim 8 did well also with Proline Garlic and Robin Red or Pineapple boilies landing 4 over 30lb, 2 over 40 to 47lb so a new PB there for Kees and a 52lb 5oz for Jarno a little under his PB of 53lb set here 2 years ago. The Irish group of lads fished the other side of the lake. Cathal on swim 10 fishing with either tiger nuts or Mainline cell in a snowman set up, started the week with his first fish on Saturday afternoon, only a few hours after setting up and what a start. Straight in with a stunning carp at 53lb. 3 over 30 and 2 over 40, he finished his week with another stunning fish at 54lb. What a week.

Eddie on swim 11 also had a tremendous week landing 14 fish, 3 at 29lb, with 9 fish over 30lb then finishing his session with a 44lb 10oz and his last fish at 52lb 2oz. But Chris, also on swim 11, had an awesome week with a grand total of 38 fish (including 6 commons), 17 over 30 and 5 over 40lb to 44lb 8oz and a new PB for him. It was frustrating that 3 of those 5 40's all weighed in at 44lb 8oz. Fishing equally well during the day or the night he had his runs often close together so he will be glad to get home for a rest! So a total of 88 fish from 98 runs gave an overall average of 33lb.

w/e 2nd May 2015:
A mixture of sunshine and showers brought the weather back to a more normal pattern for this time of year finishing with some torrential rain storms that raised the level so high and so quickly we had to open a sluice gate to avoid everyone floating away. That aside the anglers had a good week producing 8 fish over 40lb and 3 fish over 50lb, 2 on swim 11 and 1 on swim 8 and needless to say 3 new PB's for those anglers. A party of 3 German anglers fished 6, 7 and 8 on a mixture of garlic, mulberry, GLM, and fruit boilies and tiger nuts. Bernhard on swim 6 beat his PB with a lovely 45lb mirror only to beat it again when he landed another mirror this time at 49lb 8oz. His colleagues both fished from swim 8 and they had 7 fish over 30lb topped off with mirrors at 44lb 10oz and 50lb 1oz. Piet is here again this year for 6 months up on swim 9 and after a few days of settling in to his fishing he landed a 44lb mirror. Regular visitors Nigel and Christophe fished off swim 11 and began the session with a great common at 53lb, though they had a few camera disasters and none of the photos registered on his phone. So a lesson there to check the photos before you release your PB fish. Unlucky Nige. Christophe's first fish was also a new PB with a mirror of 50lb 1oz so it was shaping up to be a session of a lifetime for them both. Following several more 30's Nige had another mirror of 41lbs but top rod this week went to Christophe who followed up with several 30's, and mirrors at 42lb 14oz and 41lb 13oz and an average for the week of 33lb. Christophe first came to us 2 years ago as a complete novice and Nigel, who lives locally, took him under his wing and has been teaching him each trip so I think its another case of the pupil became the master Nige! We also loved the way Juno the retriever made herself very much at home in the carp cradle! So along with 5 fish for the chalet, 4 over 30 and a 41lb, there were 55 fish landed with an overall average of 32lb so well done to all.

w/e 25th April 2015:
It was great to see Arron and Bob back again, this time with 6 other lads, mostly on their first trip to France. Expectations were high when they arrived on Friday afternoon and following lots of excited chat they had a wander around the lake to choose their swims. They had booked the lake on a semi exclusive basis leaving only the chalet which was booked out by 2 Dutch guys also on a return visit. We enjoyed a meal together in the conservatory on Friday evening giving us a chance to get to know the new guys and for them all to discuss plans and tactics for the weeks fishing. So by Saturday morning everyone had decided where and how to fish and the quad worked overtime getting all their kit up on the swims and it was game on.

Bob on swim 8 kicked it all off with his first fish at 4.00 that afternoon, a nice 23lb 8oz mirror. The pressure had been on for Bob as he blanked last time so he was very happy to get the first one in the net. Little did he know at that point that this would be a trip of a lifetime for him. He followed that with 4 fish through the night, 3 of which were 30lb plus and included his biggest common to date a 31lb 4oz. That PB was quickly smashed into next week though when his alarms woke him at 6.30 and he hooked into another fish. As he was reeling in he realised he had a huge fish on and as it came closer to the net and rolled he saw it was a common. Knowing we have a 50lb + common his heart began racing. He was bang on and out she came at 51lb 10oz. Champagne and cigars and a dunk in the lake followed as they all celebrated this fish of a lifetime. Thinking it couldn't get any better he followed it up with a stonking 48lb 8oz mirror and another 3 30's. What a session for him.

For the other lads it was a slow start for most of them but everyone managed to land at least 1 over 30lb. Drew up on swim 11 was also delighted with his first French fish. His PB had been in the 20's before this trip and again this was smashed when he landed a 43lb 8oz mirror. Already well happy with that and the trip sealed he then landed a brace of 40's shortly after Bob's brace of 30's, 2 nice mirrors at 41lb 8 and 42lb. He finished off with another 2 30's and a 29lb 10 beating his previous PB with every fish he had. A great introduction to French carp fishing and a trip to remember for sure.

Arron also did well over on swim 9 with the biggest grassies he has ever caught, landing 2 of the 5 we have in here at 29lb 8oz and 30lb 12oz as well as a 42lb 4oz mirror.

Pete landed a 42lb mirror on swim 10 and 3 more over 40 to the chalet brought the total this week to 9 fish over 40lb and the 51lb 10oz.

Arron and his crew were fishing with Velocity Bait's Contrast a bait that produces fish wherever they use it, CC Moore's Equinox or tiger nuts. Overall average for the week was 32lb 12oz. Good angling guys and congratulations.

Photos of course on Facebook and in our website gallery.

w/e 18th April 2015:
What a week we had this week. Unseasonably warm with temperatures in the 30's it really felt like June already. We were joined by 5 anglers who were nicely spaced apart fishing swims 2,4 11 and 12. Jean Luc, a regular local Frenchman, fished the chalet swim (12) and his trusted monster crab or spicy peanut boilies did the job for him and he landed 7 carp and a pike (off the bottom with a monster crab boilie) from 10 runs. His biggest being a mirror of 16kg. 2 German anglers on swim 11 had 17 fish on a mixture of pineapple, tigernut, liver, caramel and fish flavoured boilies (so all bases covered with that selection). There were 3 fish over 14kg (30lb) amongst them and a lovely mirror of 19kg topped it off for them. But top rod this week goes to Sandra and Marco who fished together on swims 2 and 4. Marco got off to a brilliant start with a 19.5kg mirror on Saturday evening so already the pressure was off. The following morning, after a quiet night, Sandra's rod screamed off and she landed a new PB with a mirror of 15kg so the holiday was shaping up to be a great success after only 24 hours. But she could not have dreamt of what was to follow. After Marco had landed a 16kg mirror her rod went again to beat her PB yet again with another mirror of 16kg. Marco went one better with his next fish which was an 18kg mirror. But girl power stole the day when she landed a stunning mirror at 22kg so another new PB. The next 2 fish also went to Sandra in the shape of 2 more mirrors at 16 and 20.5kg. Marco followed that up with another mirror at 22kg. What a week! But Sandra finally stole the show when she landed a massive 26.5kg common. The pupil became the master!! They finished with 8 fish over 14kg (30lb) , 9 over 18kg (40lb) including 2 at 22kg (48lb) and 1 at 21.5kg (49lb), and the 26.5kg (58lb 5oz). Their average over 22 fish was a whopping 17kg so a huge congratulations to them both for what was a memorable week for all us all.

Photos of course on Facebook and in our website gallery.

w/e 11th April 2015:
The weather was much better this week for our German guests who enjoyed some really hot sunshine once the bitter winds subsided mid week. 5 guys here for the week and a French angler for 3 nights and they all had a great session. Antoine on swim fished with Mainline Cell and New Grange catching 6 fish during his 3 nights to 44lb and 3 30's, 35lb to 39lb 10oz. Patrick, David and Klaus on swims 9 and 10 landed 7 to 39lb. Top rods this week were Christian and Klaus on swim 11 who landed 25 fish from 36 runs. They had a few smaller fish which we have come to expect from that swim but they still had 10 over 30lb, and mirrors of 44lb and 50lb 13. Overall average for the week 29lb.

w/e 4th April 2015:
7 anglers from Spain and Germany braved some very cold and windy weather but with some great results. All in all 42 fish from 50 runs on a mixture of garlic, tigernut or pineapple boilies. Regular guests Steffan and Susi fished swim 8 this time, a change from their usual swim 11 which they will revisit later on in August. It rewarded them with 13 fish including 6 over 30lb to 38lb and a first for Susi who landed her first ever carp, a lovely common of 32lb... 12oz. For Raul and his friend on swims 9 and 10 their average over 10 fish was 39lb. With 3 over 30lb, 43lb 2oz, 46lb, a mirror and a common at 48lb 6oz they topped off their session with a 50lb 10oz mirror. Well worth their long journey. We joked that their colleague's scales weren't working properly as Luis and Pedro on the chalet swim had 7 fish all at 33lb! But not bad all the same. Michael and Thorsten fished swim 11 and had a great start landing a 40lb 4oz mirror as their first fish of the week. They went on to land 11 others including 4 over 30 and a mirror of 40lb 6oz. Overall average for the lake for the week was 30lb 7oz.

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w/e 28th March 2015:
In between the heavy rain and cold winds we have had some cracking carp caught last week. Mark Browne joined us on swim 10 for his first visit here and after a slow start he went away with 9 fish to his name, including 5 over 30lb and a nice 46lb mirror. Jon and Paul fished swim 11, Jon being a regular annual visitor here, and Paul landed a new PB with a nice mirror of 36lb. Between them they bagged 7 fish all on fruit flavoured boilies. Richard, another annual visitor an...d here for his first of 3 sessions this year, stole the show though beginning on the chalet swim where his first fish of the session was a 51lb 12oz mirror. After 3 more carp he moved on to swim 1 for the remained of his 10 day session and was rewarded with a further 19 fish including 9 over 30lb, a 47lb 10oz mirror (his biggest ever 40lb fish) and a 53lb 7oz common. His overall average was 33lb 8oz.

for photos please visit the gallery or our Facebook page.

w/e 15th March 2015:
It's that time of year again and the season is under way here. It's good to see the famous 'Grues' or cranes flying over on their way back up from Africa and now today the swallows are back too. Both good signs that winter is coming to an end and the spring is not far away. We have been joined by 4 anglers so far fishing on swims 10 and 11. CC Moore's Live System did the business for Arne who landed 7 fish from 9 runs in the middle of February. The biggest was 17.6kg (a little under 40lb) and averaged 12.8kg (or 28lb). So far this month we have had 3 French anglers here for a coupe of days each. Using a mixture of garlic, monster crab and tiger nut boilies they landed a 21.4kg (47lb) and an 18.5kg (40lb). We have no photos unfortunately.

w/e 8th November:
The second week for Richard, on his own though this week and he moved down on to the chalet swim. This proved to be a good move and he improved on last weeks tally considerably. Fishing tiger nuts again along the dam wall he landed 18 fish, only 1 lost, including 11 over 14kg to 18kg.

So that's it for this year for us. It has been a great season, a real pleasure to see the fish ... so healthy and gaining weight and so many pretty fish coming on. Our plans for the winter include a new self contained apartment in our house to replace the B&B to provide a cheaper alternative to the chalet for small groups (max 4 persons). So news and photos will follow. We would like to thank everyone for their continued support throughout the year and we will look forward to seeing old friends and new next year.

w/e 25th October:
What a week this turned out to be! 70 fish from 90 runs and gorgeous weather. A regular, Michael Klaus, was back on swim 1 and after a quiet first night he got off the mark on the second night fishing along the dam wall with 2 fish to 18.7kg. It got better and better from there with another 19.6kg on the 4th night and a 21.5kg on the 5th night. He finished the week with 16 fish including 2 grass carp of 14.6kg and 15.8kg, on a mixture of pineapple or banana boilies and tiger nuts along the dam wall and to markers in open water, overall average 14.25kg. But swim 8 really stole the show for Pieter and Carola (see video Pi-Air Design). They couldn't have imagined how well their first visit here would turn out. They moved from swim 11 to swim 8 to escape some nasty hornets that were bothering them and they were very glad they did. Fishing mainly to the lilly pads and to the margins at the back, 8 runs in the first 10 hours produced fish to 22.5kg. The next 24 hours they had 10 runs and fish to 23.9kg. The following day 9 runs, then 6 runs, and 9 runs, 9 runs again, the fish kept on coming! They finished with 53 carp on the bank from 70 runs including 23 over 14kg (30lbers) 5 over 18.2kg (40lbers) and 2 over 23kg (50lbers) and a new PB each. Some of the carp were really scaly stunners too. Their average overall was 14kg so a great session for them

w/e 18th October:
Summer returned this week with temperatures reaching 27 degrees, and some glorious sunshine, wonderful weather for the 10 anglers on the lake. Eric, Bas, Erwin and Wouter were spread out from swims 4 to 8 and had 12 fish between them, the biggest coming out of swim 4 for Erwin with a 46lb mirror. Their total also included 4 over 30lb all on a mixture of mulberry boilies(kindly donated by Christophe) and tigernuts. The chalet also produced some nice fish, 8 from 14 runs, on coconut, strawberry and banana boilies, including 5 over 30lb, and mirrors of 40lb 11oz, 49lb 8oz and 51lb 11oz. So how did Christophe and the family do on swim 11? Well the Rod Hutchinson Mulberry and Florentine did the business again with another 15 fish between 22lb and 39lb, top angling Christophe! So overall, 34 fish from 44 runs and an average of 32lb 11oz.

For all available photos please check out our page on Facebook or of course our website gallery.

w/e 11th October:
The weather really drew in and began to feel more like Autumn with some horrendous rain storms. The guys in the chalet this week were back for the 2nd time this year and who would have thought that when they were here for the first time ever at the beginning of last year they were complete novices. With some excellent tuition from Nigel over their last few sessions they had an amazing week, their first of 2 though for their 2nd week they are going up on swim 11. Christophe kicked off this session with a nice 35lb common so already a new PB for him. But he followed that with a whopping 50lb 6oz common. Just when he started coming down from that fish his wife Tamara landed a 48lb 6oz mirror then just a few hours later the rod went off again and it was another 48lb 6oz mirror. But it was too heavy for their son Jason to lift though he played the fish to the net. The boilies from rod Hutchinson, Mulberry and Florentine really did smash it for them this week and they finished with 15 carp including 4 over 30lb and an average of 32lb and a stunning pike. What will next week bring them!

w/e 4th October:
The 6 anglers really struggled to produce fish this week though the weather was unseasonably warm. We had a few guys that have been before so good to catch up with them but unfortunately they weren't able to reproduce the great results they had had in previous trips. Spence and Simon on 10 had only 3 carp, though all 30's to 37lb, and a 13lb sander on a tigernut! Rich was in the chalet this time and landed a 28lb and a 36lb mirror with 2 runs lost. There were also 3 lads here for the first time Arron Steve and Bob on swims 6 7 and 8. You may have already read the write up that Arron posted on the link below but in brief they had 18 runs, lost 8, but landed 4 over 30 to 39lb 10oz, which was a common for Steve on 8, and the biggest was a 46lb 2oz mirror for Arron on 7. So 26 fish out in total with an average of 32lb 6oz.

w/e 27th September:
A really tricky week for the 5 anglers who landed only 11 fish. The biggest was 33lb 12oz for Mark on swim 8 who had 9 of the 11 fish. The overall average was down to 23lb 8oz.

w/e 20th September:
6 anglers again this week. After a poor start it came good for Craig Scott and Ryan on swims 6, 7 and 8 who lost 11 fish but landed 25 fish and new PBs all round. Their total included 11 30's and a new PB for Craig with a mirror at 48lb (21.8kg) Scott's new PB with a 47lb mirror (21.4kg) and Ryan's with a 41lb mirror (18.6kg). Marcel on swim 11 also had 2 40's amongst the 8 fish he landed on a snowman set up with rosehip boilies, along with 3 over 30lb. It was good to see Rob and Hans back again this time in the chalet and they had a 50lb common a mirror at 41lb and another at 38lb 8oz. So 36 fish overall with an average of 32lb or 14.5kg.

w/e 13th September:
6 anglers this week. A good week for Tobi in the chalet who landed 4 fish between 37lb and 51lb 11oz (17kg and 23.5kg) Martijn and Gijs up on 11 had a good week too with 19 fish including 6 over 30lb (13.6kg+) and 4 over 40lb to 49lb 8oz (22.5kg). The guys on swim 8, Joep and Bas, finished their week on 18 fish including 6 over 30lb, 1 at a little over 40lb (18.5kg) and their biggest was a lovely common at 51lb 7oz (23.5kg). Mark and Linda had a quiet week on 6 with 2 fish at 28lb 10 and 35lb (13 and 16kg) but may be it was just as well as it was their honeymoon! Congratulations to them both. So overall there were 42 fish landed and the average for the week was 31lb 8oz or 14.3kg.

w/e 6th September:
It was summer again with hot days and warm nights, perfect, and the anglers had some lovely fish to show for their efforts. Jos and Tony up on swim 8 fished with Sticky Bait's Bloodworm boilies and had 9 fish including mirrors of 19.6kg (43lb) and 21.8kg (48lb) and a common at 19.7kg. Roel and Yvonne over on swim 11 had 11 fish on tigernuts from 15 runs to 23.5kg (51lb 11oz). But top rod this week went to Davy on the chalet swim who landed 10 fish from 12 runs, again on tigernuts, including an 18kg (39lb 10oz) 19kg (41lb 13oz) 22kg (48lb 6oz) and a 24kg (52lb 13oz). Overall average for the week was 15.5kg or 34lb 2oz

w/e 30th August:
The weather continues to be changeable at best but some warm days. The fishing however remains challenging with some swims producing very little whilst others like 10 and 11, made dreams come true. Alvise and Alessia from Italy on swim 10 started off their week with a 26.3kg (57lb 14oz) common and a new record for him. He finished the week with 7 fish all over 14.8kg (32lb 8oz) with his average of 39lb 6oz so a great session for them. 2 more Italians fished swim 11, (the second time this year for Filippo) and they also did well with 10 fish to 20kg (44lb). Ronald and Marieke fished swim 2, Marieke with her pink rods! They landed 2 fish to 21kg (46lb 3oz) and a new record for Ronald.

3 Germans fished 7 and 8 for 3 nights but despite a screaming run on swim 8 in the first 10 minutes of their session they only had 1 fish on the bank between them, this time on swim7 and it was a nice 20kg (44lb) mirror.

Overall average for the week was 15.57kg or 34lb 4oz

w/e 23rd August:
It was a quieter week with only a few anglers on. The weather has begun to feel like Autumn with the temperatures dropping to as low as 6 overnight with a heavy dew by morning. This reflected in the number of fish caught. Klaus moved up swim 8 for his 2nd week and managed 3 fish to 29lb. The Lebherz family on swim 11 for their 2nd week landed 11 to 34lb 8oz again all on tigernuts and at all times of the day and night. These guys have been coming here now for 7 years and we were very happy to be a part of the family celebration of Christian's 21st birthday whilst they were here.

For photos please check out our Facebook page High Mill Lake, or the website gallery.

w/e 16th August:
It was our turn for a PB this week, 19 people at the BBQ on Wednesday. Lovely to see so many regular guests alongside some newbies so it was a lovely evening. More importantly some stunning fish out and some new PBs for the anglers, namely Klaus on swim 4 with a 42lb, 1 of 3 fish for him the other 2 a 31lb and a 30lb all on tigernuts again. Brad on swim 1 has a new PB with a 32lb mirror he landed also on tigernuts. Stefan on swim 8 landed not 1 but 2 mirrors at 51lb to give him a new PB, and a total of 21 fish including a 46lb and 5 over 30lb. Also on swim 8 Thomas landed 20 fish, also on tigernuts, including 9 over 30lb, 2 at 43lb, and a 49lb 8oz. Andre and Hendrik on 6 and 7 had 15 fish between them including 8 over 30lb, 4 over 40lb to 45lb. Jonas and Marvin on swim 10 had a perfect leather carp at 34lb, (waiting for the photos to come back though) amongst their 9 fish and the Lebherz family on 11 landed 11 fish to 36lb. So a great week with 81 carp and an overall average of 30lb 14oz.

Please check out our page High Mill Lake on Facebook for the photos.

w/e 9th August:
Tigernuts over a bed of boilies did the business this week for Philippe and Margot on swim 11. He had 10 fish to 41lb whilst the Schouten family in the chalet had 6 runs and 3 fish, also on tigernuts, to 35lb.

w/e 2nd August:
Only 4 anglers this week on the chalet and swim 10 and a total of 12 fish between them. Martin and David on 10 had 9 fish to 54lb including a nice grass carp and a 44lb mirror. Remco and Robert on the chalet swim had 3 fish, a 29lb, 35lb and 41lb.

w/e 26th July:
The biggest fish this week came from the chalet swim (though no photos, sorry) - they landed 5 fish including 32lb, 34lb, 39lb, 43lb and 48lb 6oz, all on scopex boilies. Steve on swim 11 landed 9 fish to 38lb, again no photos.

w/e 19th July:
The fishing remains tricky with the fish very inactive generally. But some nice fish out for Peter on swim 11 who managed 17 fish to 49lb on squid and scopex boilies. 4 fish for the chalet swim, Kristof and Michael to 33lb on a mixture of fruity boilies.

w/e 12th July:
A difficult week's fishing this week, the guys really had to work hard with very little reward. Swim 11 did well though for Wout and Jonas with 16 fish to 51lb 8oz.

w/e 5th July:
3 nice grass carp out this week for Ian and Jon on swim 11, a 33lb and a 35lb as well as 2 36lb mirrors to give them news PBs. All in all 16 fish between them on a mixture of Mainline Cell and MTC garlic boilies. The catch reports are incomplete this week as there are some missing.

w/e 28th June:
This just happened to be the quietest week for us in terms of anglers on the bank which suited us perfectly as we had family over for the week. So with the exception of the chalet there were only 2 anglers, both of which were family and friends who only fished for 4 nights. They had it very quiet with 4 runs producing 1 mirror of 30lb 13oz for Jono. The chalet did better though with Stef and Henk from Holland, for the first of their 2 weeks in the chalet, landing 8 fish from 10 runs up to 37lb 4oz on a real mixture of flavours, orange, tigernut, spicy, sweet and garlic. Overall average for the week 30lb 5oz.

w/e 21st June:
5 anglers from England, France, Italy and Germany on the bank this week, so interesting for the first round of the world cup! Spawning hasn't totally finished yet and the fish were not moving moving around very much but some nice fish graced the bank nonetheless. This included a new PB for the Germans, Jorg and Jurgen in the chalet with a 54lb 7lb mirror caught on MTC sweet scopex. The Italian, Fillipo on swim 10 also bagged himself a 50 with a 57lb 8oz common on his own boilies. Aurelien on swim 11 had more runs finishing up on 9 fish including a nice 44lb mirror on CC Moore Meteor boilies. But Andy and Cas on swim 8 had the best week with 19 fish on the bank breaking his PB 2x with a 46lb 15oz mirror then a 49lb 8oz mirror both on Mainline Cell. He also had another 40lb 2oz mirror and a stunning grassie at 35lb 13oz. So 30 fish altogether and an overall average for the week of 30lb 7oz.

w/e 31st May 2014:
Well the 50's just keep coming and this week has been no exception. 8 anglers landed 41 fish from 60 runs on a mixture of Tigernuts, Mainline Cell, Pineapple, TRG Garlic, fish and home made boilies. Han landed a nice 43lb mirror on the chalet swim on a scopex boilie, Paul and Dean on 11 had 9 fish over 30lb including a nice grassie at 32lb 8oz. Sebastian and Bertrand had 3 fish over 30lb during their 3 night session on 6 and Bas and Kor up on 8 landed 21 fish including 10 over 30lb, 2 at 44lb and a stunning 55lb 8oz mirror. Overall average for the week 31lb.

w/e 24th May 2014:
A quiet week with only 6 anglers on fishing swims 8, 9, 11 and the chalet. The weather remained cold for his time of year and wet and the fish were still all up the top end waiting to spawn. Piet on peg 9 had 2 fish to 48lb 6oz, Mike and Diego on 11 had 28 fish from 35 runs, on a mixture of tigernuts or banana pop ups, with 11 over 30lb , 3 over 40lb and a common at a little over 53lb giving them an average for the week of 30lb 8oz. Harrie and Kevan up on 8 had more runs, 55, and landed 44 of them, mainly on tigernuts and a few on Robin Red and Garlic. With 15 over 30lb, 8 over 40lb Kevan managed to break his PB several times during the week. There were again some stunning small fish so a great week for all the lads. Overall average for the week 29lb 5oz

w/e 17th May 2014:
7 anglers around the lake from Ireland, Holland and the UK. Weather continued to be unsettled and very changeable with high winds and cold overnight. The fish still haven't spawned yet but the sun is forecast for a few days now so that may get them started. But we had 70 runs with 49 fish landed on a mixture of Mainline Cell and MTC Triple R Garlic. John and Lorraine fished the chalet swim and broke John's previous PB of 46lb 2x firstly with a 48lb 8oz mirror which he then followed with a 50lb mirror. More PB's for the 2 Irish lads on 11, Paul and Jeff who finished with 7 fish to 33lb. The 2 English lads Anthony and James on swim 10 did well too landing 13 fish including mirrors at 40lb and 45lb 8oz and a common at 54lb (all on Cell) to give them an average for the week of 34lb 6oz. But top rods this week were Dave and Cor, the Dutch lads on swim 8 who had 26 fish from 37 runs, all on MTC Triple R garlic including 2 mirrors at 44lb and 50lb 10oz. Overall average for the week was 30lb 13oz.

Please check out Facebook or the gallery for photos

w/e 10th May 2014:
Another action packed week here this week with 10 anglers on from Ireland, Spain, Germany and Holland with Ireland coming out on top. Sadly no fish for the Spanish on 6 or the Germans on the chalet swim. Kees and Jarno did pick up 3 nice fish on swim 1 with 2 over 40lb on garlic and robin red boilies. But records were smashed all over the place by the 4 Irish lads up on swims 8, 10, and 11 whilst the fish were all up the top end getting ready to spawn. On a mixture of Mainline Cell and MTC garlic boilies they landed 46 fish between them including 19 over 30lb, 1 of which was a lovely grass carp at 32lb 2oz, 6 fish over 40lb and a 54lb 12oz common. Overall average for the week was 30lb.

w/e 3rd May 2014:
It was much busier with 12 anglers and the weather was bad all week. More heavy rain and high winds made conditions less than comfortable but the fishing was awesome. 2 guys from Germany drove 14 hours to come for only 3 nights so respect to them for their efforts, They were truly rewarded with 28 runs resulting in 23 fish, 6 at around 33lb, 2 at 35lb, 39lb, 40lb and 48lb 13oz and a whopping 32lb average. We also had 3 more Germans, a Suisse man and his son and a Dutch couple who all managed fish over 30lb mainly on the MTC garlic. But it was 3 lads from Leicester who stole the show. Tristan borrowed 10 from his brother to buy raffle tickets at a charity day organised by Norman Moon and won a trip here for 2. So together with his friend Simon and Scott who paid to come too they came with high hopes of a new PB. Tristan's came first on swim 8 and after 5 years of carp fishing he achieved his first over 50lb with a beautiful mirror at 51lb 8oz, closely followed by another mirror at 49lb 8oz and then he completed his hat trick with a mirror at 48lb 11oz. The start of the week was very slow for Scott, a newcomer to carp fishing. His previous PB was 26lb and having seen Tristan's big fish he was desperate to catch one for himself and he did with another cracking mirror at 44lb 3oz after moving up from swim 6 to swim 11 after the German boys had left. He thought it couldn't get any better but he was wrong! He followed it up with a mirror at 50lb 8oz. Scott also landed a 30lb, 36lb and a 38lb to put this session in to the category of trip of a lifetime where all but 1 of his fish beat his previous PB. That just left Simon to beat his PB and he wasn't disappointed when he landed the biggest fish of the week with a cracking common at 54lb 6oz. With an overall average for the week of 34lb it was one to remember for us too. Taking full advantage of Tony Davis Patrick he has done an interview with the 3 boys so watch out for that on our website soon for their reactions.

For photos please check out our gallery or catch us on High Mill Lake page on Facebook

w/e 26th April 2014:
2 brothers booked the lake exclusively and they chose to fish on swims 6 and 8. Using Mainline Cell, tiger nuts and MTC garlic they had 25 runs over the five nights they fished, the majority on the Cell boilies, and they landed 23 fish. Amongst those were 5 lovely 30lb+ commons and 7 30lb plus mirrors. Their biggest fish were 2 mirrors, 44lb 4oz and 43lb.

w/e 19th April 2014:
A busy week this week with 11 anglers on the lake representing France, Ireland, Belgium, Holland and Germany. It was lovely to welcome back some regulars namely Frederic and Frank in the chalet and of course our long term 'resident' Piet on swim 9 who joins us again for another 6 month session. We had some beautiful carp out too on a mixture of flavours. Monster crab, spicy peanut, banana, Mainline Cell, and of course the MTC Garlic. Our youngest angler this week, 13 year old Eric from Ireland, on swims 7and 8 with his Dad Joe and friend Noel, had a lovely 18.8kg (41lb 7oz) mirror on the MTC garlic, one of 3 fish over 40lb for the 3 of them. Erik on swim 10 from Holland also has a new PB after he landed a grey mirror on MTC garlic at 21kg (46lb 3oz) and 2 lovely fish for Fred and Frank on the chalet , 19.1kg (42lb) and 21.5kg (47lb 5oz) on fish boilies. But top rods this week were undoubtably Olivier and Francois from Belgium up on swim 11. Francois of Paranoid Baits brought a mixture of their range of boilies and they had an incredible 50 runs landing 38 of them. So too many fish to list but the biggest included 18 fish over 13.6kg (30lb) and 3 over 18.2kg (40lb) to 22.4kg (49lb 4oz), average for them 14.4kg (31lb 7oz). Some nice warm weather too so a good week was had by all and the overall average was 15kg (33lb).

w/e 12th April 2014:

2 Polish anglers, though living in Ireland, on this week, and they will forgive us for saying we had some fun with their Polish Irish accents all week! They were up on swim 10 and had a great week. Their previous PB's were 12.5kg (27lb 8oz) for Wojiek and 13.8kg (30lb 5oz) Marcin (hope I have spelt them right) so we were hoping they would break them and they not only broke them but they smashed them. The runs began the first day and Wojiek's first fish weighed in at 18kg (39lb 10oz) followed by a 16kg (35lb 3oz) then he landed a 21.2kg (46lb 10oz) mirror. Marcin was also well in with a few fish on the first day topped off with an 18kg mirror and shortly after a 13kg (28lb 10oz) grass carp. The fish kept coming until Marcin landed a stunning 22.6kg (49lb 11oz) common. All in all they landed 23 fish with n overall average for the week of 14.62kg or 32lb 2oz.

w/e 5th April 2014:

3 anglers on the lake this week, including the first guests in the chalet for this year and again a mixed bag of weather conditions. Mainly warmer though especially at night and some sunny days but rain later on in the week. But it didn't stop the guys producing some lovely fish this week. So in the chalet we had Heiko from Germany and his wife and 6 year old son who did really well on squid or robin red boilies. This was his second time here, the first up on swim 10 last year, and he was very happy to end his week on 13 fish,9 of which were over 30lb and included a 34lb 12oz grass carp in stunning condition. and his biggest carp was a lovely mirror at 46lb 7oz. His average for the week was 33lb 7oz.

Then we had Jaap and Arjan on swims 7 and 8. Many of you may remember Jaap's amazing week last year on swim 10 when he landed 49 fish from 51 runs so the memories from that still fresh in his mind he was eager to see what swim 7 would bring. He wasn't disappointed we are pleased to say. With all but 1 fish caught on Mainline Cell, the other one on MTC Garlic, he finished with 25 fish and a new record broken as he had never had 2 fish over 40lb in the same session before. This time he finished with 9 over 30lb and the 2 over 40 to 46lb 6oz as well as a lovely grass carp at 26lb 6oz giving him an average of 30lb.

Arjan was also fishing with Mainline Cell and on occasion Tiger Nuts and though he had generally smaller fish he had some beauties with a couple of stunning linears. He finished on 23 fish, with 4 over 30lb and 2 40's including a common at 41lb 13oz.

Overall average for the week was 28lb 10oz

w/e 28th March 2014:

Last week we had 4 anglers on the lake on swims 9, 10 and 11 and a mixture of nationalities; Richard representing Ireland, Willem and Peter from Holland and Mickael from France. The weather was very changeable with some cold nights and bitter winds during the day, but they landed 32 fish between them on a mixture of Squid Liver, MTC Garlic, Shellfish and Pineapple or Banana and Tiger nut 20mm boilies or giant maize. It was quite an even spread of fish across the 3 swims, the biggest out on swim 11 was 42lb 4oz for Willem, a nice 38lb for Richard and 2 over 40 for Mickael to 45lb (20.5kg). Final scores on the doors was 13 over 30lb and 3 40's overall average for the week 30lb 14oz.

w/e 15th March 2014:

2 anglers on this week and they were so lucky with the weather. Glorious sunshine all week up to 25 degrees in the sun, though the wind was fresh at times and overnight the temperatures dropped to around 3 to 4 degrees. These guys, Tony and Gary are sponsored by Mainline and it was Gary's first time on a commercial water. They started on swim 11 and Tony was catching quite well though nothing for Gary, so they decided to move over to swims 1 and 2. It turned out to be a good decision as Gary managed to break his PB common after 30 years of carp angling with a cracking fish at 47lb 12oz on Essential Opal. Within 20 minutes Tony was also in to a fish and landed another common at 40lb 4oz. The last night was also a good one for them as they both landed another 40 each, this time a 46lb mirror for Gary on Cell this time and a 44lb mirror for Tony. So they ended the week with 20 fish between them including 6 over 30lb and 4 over 40lb and an overall average of 30lb 8oz.

w/e 8th March 2014:

Sjif and Mandy fished peg 11 and had a tremendous start with 9 fish the first 24 hours including a cracking mirror at 48lb 13oz (22.2kg) all on Robin Red and garlic boilies. Things did slow down after that but they landed 14 during the week including a mirror at 40lb 8oz (18.44kg) and a common at 46lb 10oz (21.2kg).

Dave and Lisbeth fished peg 10 and had a more difficult week but finished in style with a new PB common for Lisbeth at 48lb 6oz (22kg) and a nice 40lb 11oz (18.5kg) mirror for Dave. All in all between them they landed 17 fish including 4 over 30lb and 5 over 40lb with an overall average for the week of 32lb (14.5kg)

w/e 4th January 2014:

A last minute booking brought Niels and Willems here this week to fish on swim 10 for 5 nights. The weather, though very wet and windy, remained very mild so we were hoping for some nice fish for them during their stay. Tony Davies Patrick also wanted to fish the odd night this week to try and see 2013 out and 2014 in with a fish. The first few days were very quiet until Tony landed a cracker at 48lb 12oz on MTC garlic and a nice 30lb for the boys. Then the afternoon of New Years Eve Niels smashed his PB with a whopping 50lb 8oz mirror on prepared tigernuts. What a way to end the year for him. The excitement didn't end there though for Tony as he had a run a minute before midnight, the last of 2013 and he landed it a few minutes into 2014, a nice 29lb mirror. So he got his wish after all, a New Year fish. The boys also had a fish at 00.30, a 24lb mirror followed by a 22lb mirror at 6.30 and they ended their session with another 30lb the day before they left. So for us, now the festivities are over, its maintenance time. A coat of paint here and there, the strimmer and chainsaw will be working overtime, tiling to do, the list goes on.

So we will be ready for you all once again. From all the team here, we wish you all a very happy healthy and prosperous 2014 and we are looking forward to seeing our regulars again and meeting some new friends too and sharing some of Tony's stories with you all!

w/e 9th November 2013:

We did feel so sorry for Willem and his wife Loes this week, their second trip this year (though his 3rd as he kick started our season off in March with his work colleague Peter) and the weather was so bad for them again. They always seem to have bad weather with non stop torrential rain. But despite that the 5 anglers landed 65 fish from 81 runs, most coming from swim 6 for the 2 east German lads who are normally here around this time and are usually our last anglers of the season. All in all there were 29 fish over 30lb and 5 over 40lb (2 x 44lb, 45lb 1, 47lb 3 and 49lb 5) caught mostly on fishy boilies. So a good way to end the season with no more bookings at the moment for this year. The average this week was 29lb 5.

w/e 2nd November 2013:

Winter has arrived this week with temperatures dropping and heavy rain non stop making conditions very difficult. Fortunately for the Lebhertz family they were back again but in the chalet this time so nice for Susi to have some shelter from the bad weather. 4 anglers battled on to land 28 fish from 35 runs including 13 over 30lb and 2 over 40 to 43lb 3 and a new PB for Seth. Fruity pop ups and Mainline Cell doing the best. Again the average is over 30lb this week at 30lb 5.

w/e 26th October 2013:

Sunshine and showers again this week but there is no let up in the activity. The carp still have their heads down and some lovely fish out again to please our anglers most of which have been here several times before. Spencer up on 11 no stranger to our banks along with Dan and Connor here for the first time. Liam also back for the second time this year. They worked hard to land 50 fish from 65 runs with 21 over 30lb and 5 over 40lb (43lb 6, 44lb, 44lb 6, 44lb 7 and 47lb 8) . Monster crab and squid did well this week and the average again a fraction over 30lb.

w/e 19th October 2013:

Pressure was on this week with the boys from Chronicle Fishing here to do a review. But we needn't have worried, despite the rain they smashed it! Full details in the newsletter but along with the 2 other anglers the 7 of them landed 69 fish from 77 runs including 18 over 30lb and 12 over 40 (41lb8, 2 x 42lb 8, 42lb 9, 42lb 11, 2 x 44lb, 45lb, 45lb 7, 46lb 14, 47lb and 49lb 3). The Attire boilies from Galaxy really did do well for the boys. Overall average for the week a fraction over 30lb. (The review will be in the November issue of Big Carp plus video clips on You Tube).

w/e 12th October 2013:

Another guest here for the second time this year, Christoph, a novice angler from Switzerland, accompanied by our good friend Nigel who agreed to spend the week with Christoph giving him some 1 to 1 tuition. Along with a French angler they landed 20 fish from 24 runs in some horrible wet and windy weather to finish with 9 over 30lb and a 46lb. GLM, tutti fruity and banana boilies all producing well. Overall average 28lb 6.

w/e 5th October 2013:

Only 3 anglers in this week but well known to us and the fish! Kieran here again for the second time this year trying to beat the tremendous week he had here in April. Up on swim 11 this time he did well yet again with 3 over 30lb, 41lb 11 and a common at 48lb 10. Both his colleagues also landed some nice fish on swims 10 and 8 including a 40 each (47lb 12 common for Andy on 10 and 44lb.4lb for Ian on 8). Final count resulted in 37 fish from 51 runs including 11 over 30lb and the 4 over 40lb. Banana boilies and tiget nuts again stole the show. Average for the week 27lb 6.

w/e 28th September 2013:

A mixed bag of weather this week, starting off warm and sunny with a few showers thrown in. Better for the fishing though and 7 anglers landed 62 fish from 71 runs including 18 over 30lb, 2 at 44lb and a 46lb with Pineapple boilies producing the most fish. Average overall of 28.5lb.

w/e 21st September 2013:

Nice to see Lammert back for the second time this year, this time in the chalet. A bit more activity too with the cooler weather and along with the other 4 anglers there were 27 fish landed from 44 runs with 14 over 30lb, a 42lb, 47lb ad a 48lb, on a mixture of squid and fruity boilies and tiget nuts continue to produce fish. Overall average 32lb.

w/e 14th September 2013:

The weather has cooled down considerably this week for the 4 anglers. They managed 17 fish from 26 runs including 10 over 30lb, 42lb, 43lb and a 48lb and an overall average for the week of 33.3lb. The Cell from Mainline did the business this week.

w/e 7th September 2013:

The hot weather continued this week so good for the 2 ladies we had on site who both enjoyed the sunbathing. The 3 anglers had a quiet week though with only 17 fish but they included 8 over 30 and 1 at 48 and an overall average of 29lb.

w/e 31st August 2013:

Another quiet week and very hot temperatures made the fishing tricky. 4 anglers landed 33 fish though including 3 over 30 and 3 40's to 47lb, on a mixture of tiger nuts and fruity boilies. Overall average for the week 24lb

w/e 24th August 2013:

Lovely to welcome back the Lebhertz family, now friends more than anything, this time up on swim 11 and it didn't disappoint them. With them the only 2 anglers on the lake for a whole week to enjoy the sunshine and using a mixture of cooked tiger nuts and plum boilies they landed 20 fish to 45lb, including 1 at 41lb and 6 over 30. A French angler also caught a 31lb on swim 4 so the overall average for the week was 27lb.

w/e 17th August 2013:

Well this year has been full of surprises in many ways but this was way past anything we expected. Bertrand was fishing on swim 10 with a Mainline banoffee pop-up towards the lillies and he got a screaming run at 2am. He struck into it and could feel straight away that it was a big fish. At first it behaved like a normal carp then suddenly it dived down and sat on the bottom bending Bertrand's rod nearly in half. He was excited thinking that at last he may have hooked Paleface, a fish he has been targeting for a while now without success. He reeled in a bit more then down it went again, this was not going to be easy. After 35 minutes of this backwards and forwards Bertrand was relieved to get it in the net and he placed it and the rod on the woodchips whilst he went to get the mat, scales etc. It was a beautiful moonlit night so he hadn't needed to turn his headtorch on until he got back to the net and when he did so WOW there was a HUGE head with a MASSIVE gaping mouth staring up at him and it wasn't a carp. Our mysterious catfish had finally surfaced after 7 years. We put him in weighing about 25lb after we drained the first time in 2004. It had come out 2x during the first 2 years, once on the chalet swim and the last time in 2006 on swim 10 at approx. 55lb. As nobody had seen it hunting or on rod and line since it was believed dead but au contraire! He now weighs in at a staggering 79lb and is approx. 1.7m long. So well done Bertrand, awesome fish, some consolation for Paleface remaining elusive perhaps.

For the rest of the lake, a PB for Fabian on swim 8 with a 45lb mirror to go with the 4 30's he had too all on Pineapple boilies. Dirk and Kirsten also had a 42 on swim 7 on Pineapple The chalet swim produced 6 30's to 39lb on Mainlne Cell with Monster Crab, Scopex and Banana also producing fish.

w/e 10th August 2013:

Some spectacular storms brought some disruption to the region for a couple of nights and saw our gazebo blown clean over the hedge to land on its roof in the field behind despite being pegged down. So not easy for the anglers to sleep through the nights. Swims 8 and 10 did the best with 26 fish between them including 2 grass carp, 1 of 30lb 8oz on a pineapple boilie the other a 30lb 13oz on a tiger nut, 2 cracking mirrors at 47lb also on pineapple boilie or fake maize. Overall the weights are down after such a late spawning this year but they had 11 30's and 3 40's.

w/e 27th July 2013:

Once again lots of anglers returning for yet another year as well as some new faces. 9 anglers in total, fishing in extreme heat that reached 38 in the shade most days and found everybody over here in the garden under the gazebo drinking ice cold beer to keep themselves cool. The fishing was very difficult in these temperatures and most of our guests didn't fish during the day, electing to take the opportunity to either go sight seeing or sitting over here in the garden under the gazebo drinking ice cold beer to keep themselves cool, and fish at night instead. Despite all that though there was some more new PB's with 11 30's and 2 40's out mainly on pineapple, proline green hell or creme boilies or pop-ups.

w/e 13th July 2013:

Well summer is here and what a difference. One extreme to the other you could say with temperatures up in the 30's this week. Fortunately for Klaus, as many of you will have already seen the video clip of him falling in whilst releasing his new PB of 39lb. A fish he will remember for many reasons and thanks go to Klaus for being a good sport and sharing the video with us on YouTube and Facebook. That was his first of 11 fish from 14 runs, that included another 34lb and 2 grass carp, on swim 1 using either Monster Crab boilies or tigernuts at about 100m in roughly the deepest part of the lake. The Belgian boys on the chalet swim also did well with a new PB for one of them with a cracker at 47lb 5oz (photo also on Facebook and our website) to finish with 13 fish between the 3 of them that included 4 x 30's too.

So a total of 5 anglers on the lake this week, not all for a whole week, and 32 fish from 40 runs and an average of 26lb for the week. So not bad with this heat.

w/e 6th July 2013:

Finally some sunshine. This week has been better in terms of the weather so some pink faces around the lake this week. But also a quiet week for the fishing so may be we can get this spawning out the way this week. Only 3 anglers on this week ,the chalet and swim 10 and 11. The chalet picked up a few nice fish a 36lb and a 37lb again using Main line Cell (we should be on commission for all this advertising) and the Irish guys further up had a few surprises when they caught a 7lb sander on a banana boilie! That was followed by a 26lb grass carp also on a banana boilie. They thought that was weird enough but the following night they did it again with another sander at 13lb followed by another 28lb 10oz grass carp. So a trip to remember when you add in the 5 30's they had as well. The average for the week was 29lb.

w/e 29th June 2013:

Again this weather is so changeable being quite chilly this week daytime and overnight so no improvement as yet. There were 5 anglers on this week all at the top end with a rare empty week in the chalet. Everyone had again been here before many times so we were expecting some nice fish out as everyone knows the lake. They did do well especially Aurelien on swim 11 who had 8 30's and a 44lb mainly with Mulberry boilies. He fished with Jeremy who landed a new PB with a 46lb mirror and 3 30's again with Mulberry or bloodworm boilies. On the other bank a new PB for Nige with a 44lb mirror on swim 8 on Pro Line Juicy Pineapple and a nice 48lb mirror for Jean Luc on swim 1. Scores on the doors for the week were 60 fish from 81 runs with an average overall of 27lb so the smaller fish back on the munch after spawning, just waiting for the big fish to start now......

w/e 22nd June 2013:

All returning guests this week which is lovely for us to see. The week started off with glorious sunshine but sadly it didn't last. Still 7 anglers landed 58 fish from 79 runs including 2 40's for Phil and Linda on swim 10, a 42lb then a 46lb and 10 30's so a good week for them fishing again with Mainline Cell. More PB's on the other bank with a 45lb 12oz mirror on swim 7 for Didier and a 33lb for Thierry on swim 6 so congratulations to them too. The week ended with an average of 28lb.

w/e 15th June 2013:

Good to see a few regulars back again this week as well as a couple of newbies. But a difficult week in terms of fishing as the weather remained changeable to say the least. But 8 anglers landed 51 fish from 60 runs. Matt Barwell smashed his PB with a fantastic 51lb mirror on swim 2 on Mainline Cell to top off the week on Thursday night so a big well done to him. 2 40's for Paul on swim 10, a 44lb then a 48lb also on Mainline Cell and Andy and Cas had some lovely fish up on swim 8 including 6 30's also on Mainline Cell. Not a lot of big fish activity going on so they may possibly be spawning late though it is, this weather has really put that back this year. The average for the week was 27lb 6oz.

w/e 8th June 2013:

It was a quiet week last week for us in terms of anglers with the chalet and swim 8 taken for a complete week, but all 3 anglers broke their PB's at least once during the week. William and Kim were here for the 5th time and landed 18 fish on swim 10, the biggest of which were his 2 new PB's at 46lb 9oz and the 47lb and another 7 over 30lb. His average for the week was 31lb. He caught all those on Cell boilies glugged with strawberry kick from Korda on a KD rig. For the chalet swim they broke their PB's 3 times and had a 34lb and 2 40's to 44lb all on CC Moore's Live System in open water or near the sluice on the dam wall. So all in all a good week despite the continued changeable weather. We assume the summer will arrive eventually!

w/e 1st June 2013:

A crazy week once again. 7 anglers with 79 fish from 88 runs including a massive 59lb for Lammert Bakker on swim 8, a fantastic effort with all the rain during the week. So well done to him. So the week ended with 30 30's, 7 40's, 3 between 50 and 55 and the 59lb.

w/e 25th May 2013:

We have all seen already Jaap's awesome week with 49 fish from 51 runs biggest 54lb. He was joined by 3 other anglers who had 75 runs with 73 on the bank including 27 30's, 5 40's and the 54lb. Average for the week 28lb.

w/e 18th May 2013:

6 anglers on the lake that had 55 runs between them and 46 fish on the bank, biggest 48lb and a new pb for Simon Lawes - well done to him, and to Russell too for his new pb of 34lb and a nice grass carp as well. In all, 15 30's, 5 40's and the average for the week 29lb.

w/e 11th May 2013:

7 anglers, 50 fish from 70 runs after a very slow start to the week where little came out before Wednesday. Biggest were 52lb, 51lb, 2 at 45lb 3 between 41 and 44 and 19 30's. Average for the week 29.6lb.

w/e 4th May 2013:

6 anglers managed 46 fish from 56 runs, included 28 fish between 25 and 30lb, 13 over 30m 3 40's and 1 52lb 13oz average for the week was 31lb.
2 new PB's again.

w/e 27th April 2013:

There were 4 anglers and 2 of them managed to smash their PB's. Mark with a 49lb and Kieran with a 52lb 4oz. In summary there were 70 fish landed from 84 runs including 29 over 25lb, 25 over 30lb, 7 over 40lb and Kieran's 52lb 4oz.
Average for the week 30lb 2oz (See newsletters for the full story)

w/e 22nd April 2013:

4 anglers on and fishing was tough. But still they had 21 fish from 25 runs, 10 over 25lb, 7 over 30lb, 2 over 40lb and a 50lb for swim 9.
Average for the week 33lb 13oz.

w/e 15th April 2013:

This week we had 7 anglers on the lake, 6 for a full week & 1 for 3 nights and they managed a total of 57 fish from 68 runs in horrendous weather conditions once again. The rain was torrential some days and one bivvy was nearly blown away with the gale force winds. Gert and Dave had to hold on to it and re-peg it. So all in all they all did very well considering.

Amongst the guests was Tobias from Team Nash, Germany, and using Nash Squid All Season Mix he and Jens landed 3 fish over 40, a 45lb 8, 45lb and 44lb 4, and 5 30's, 30lb, 32lb 8, 2 x 38lb 8 and a 37lb 12. This bait always does well here. Also Gert returned for the 4th time and said right from the start of the week he would like to catch Frank's common. He started the week with a nice 41lb 12 with Pro-Line Dark Power and followed that with another 43lb 1. He continued to pull out some nice fish until he finally gave a run to his friend Suzanne and she pulled out Frank's Common on his rods at 51lb 11. There is a moral in there somewhere! He finished with 15 fish including 6 over 30, 2 over 40 and 1 over 50 so not too disappointed.

Other swims didn't fish so well but there was still a 43lb landed on swim 1, 39lb on swim 10 and 38lb on swim 12. Totals were 16 over 30, 6 over 40 and 1 over 50 and an average of 30lb 2oz for the week.

May we remind you that we are now stocking Pro-Line freezer boilies and prepared tiger nuts as well as Carp Cuisine from last year and we are now taking advance orders. Please email us for more information.

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