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April 2013: Newsletter

An interesting couple of weeks for us here with the weather playing a major part being unsettled and changeable as we are sure you have been experiencing too. April has been a quiet month in terms of numbers of anglers and who can blame you when the temperatures are high one minute and low the next. Not very inspiring.

The week ending 20th April, all our anglers were returning guests which is always great to see guys back again. Piet is now here for 6 months on swim 9 and he started his exceptionally long session off with a 44lb then a 35lb and a 50lb all in the first couple of days. So he is off to a fantastic start. Piet unfortunately suffers from severe back pain and doesn't fish constantly as its too much for him, but swim 9 is perfect for him in that it has good accessibility and is flat and easy to fish from. Also being a large swim it can accommodate all the kit he brings with him for a 6 month trip! We will be checking back in with him throughout the season so you can see how he does.

We also had a couple of French anglers in for a few days on swims 1 and 2 and during their 2 night session they landed 8 fish including 6 30's between 31lb 8oz and 38lb 12oz fishing on both pop-ups and bottom baits all from CC Moores, at a distance of between 40 and 70 metres.

Dean and Paul joined us on swim 11 for the week, as last year and using the same bait as last year, The Cell, which produced well for them last time but it wasn't working for them at all. They had no fish up to Thursday when they kicked off with a 29lb 8oz and followed up with a 42lb 8oz, the best 2 of the session from 8 fish landed, and an average of 28lb 8oz. They were using snowman set up with boilies and plastic sweetcorn.

Not a bad week with a total of 7x 30's, 2x 40's and 1x 50.

Then last week we welcomed back Kieran Smith who has stayed with us now several times and he was serious about catching what had proven to be the elusive 40lb carp to break his PB set here at 39lb 15oz. He has had to watch his mates catch the big fish on previous trips but this trip proved to be beyond his wildest dreams. He arrived on Thursday on the fly/tackle hire/ food package and got straight up to his swim, no 8, that was all ready set up waiting for him. We had said that Dean and Paul on swim 11 had been having a quiet week but by 8.00 that evening he was pulling out the first fish of his trip from the 2nd run, a nice 30lb 11oz mirror on a kurv shank rig at 70-80 yards on our Banana Crème boiies (by Carp Cuisine). Well this was just the start! Fishing the same rigs on the banana crème boilies or tigernuts balanced with tutti frutti fake pop up maize he had double runs, triple runs even, and not only did he break his PB, he smashed it on the Sunday night with a common at 52lb 4oz. We were actually round the lake with Mark on the other side on swim 11 as he had his PB also at 49lb when Kieran shouted and we could see he had a big fish on the bank too so we rowed across to help him photograph it. As you can imagine he was shaking with excitement. But this was not the end of his amazing session. He went on to catch not 1 elusive 40lb but 4 and 12 30's, in total 41 fish landed out of 46 runs and an average of 29lb 14oz. The common really was a fish of a lifetime and well worth the wait. We were both very happy for Kieran.

As for Mark on swim 11 he did very well too. Fishing again on the Banana Crème boilies he was casting 40 yards out to pads and markers around his swim on a chod rig to land his new PB, the 49lb mirror, his first fish of the trip so he was spoilt really with that one so early. He went on to land 21 fish including 1 at 43lb and 10 x 30's to give him an average of 30lb 5oz. This was his first trip here and hopefully we will see him again in September 2014.

Piet had another good week with 4 fish, 29lb 7oz, 32lb, 35lb and 43lb 6oz.

And finally a French Angler Julien fished swim 1 for 4 nights and landed 4 fish from 6 runs the biggest of which was 39lb.

So in summary we had 70 fish landed from 86 runs of those 25 were 30's, 7 were 40's and the 52lb, average for the week 30lb 2oz.

We are continuing to take out any fish caught under 25lb and we can see it is certainly helping the growth rates of the other fish. Some of the 40's are new fish at this weight so there are plenty of fish coming up through the ranks. All we need now is for the sun to come out!

So till next month ...

take care

Andy and Tracey Jones
Etang de Brigueuil

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