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January / February 2014: Newsletter

What a start to the year it has been for so many of us, with the terrible flooding etc. If you are caught up in the middle of it then we wish you all well and 'bon courage' with the clean up. May be its a good time to start thinking about the new season to cheer ourselves up. We have been fortunate with the weather in many respects and have suffered no real damage as a result. It is, however, extremely wet, as you can imagine, around the lake with swims 1-8 being the worst affected. We will have to wait for things to dry out a bit before we can do anything over that side. But the boys have been working in torrential rain this week to lay a new path from the chalet to swim 11 so that side, at least, is dry and easily accessible. We have also been busy in the building to the side of the main house, what we call 'the Mill', though it was in fact, a tannery. As many of you will know we get rather a lot of barn swallows in there in the summer and although these protected birds are beautiful to see, they do leave too much mess behind. So we have walled off a section just for them to create a corridor to keep the main access area to the showers clean whilst still providing them with the much needed area to nest in. A good compromise we feel. So all has been jet washed and painted along with the shower block where we have also been tiling so all is ready for the guests arriving on Saturday.

The chalet is undergoing a bit of maintenance too with new railings around the terrace to replace the old wooden ones that were past their best and we have a WiFi system installed too. Unfortunately it was just too complicated and costly to extend that signal around the lake so those of you on other swims will still have to come to the house for internet access. But we will be there to supply you with a cold beer or something so its not all bad!

With the weather being unseasonably warm throughout January we had a couple of French anglers fishing for a few days on 2 separate weekends and all in all they landed 6 fish to 40lb on Mainline Cell or Mainline Fusion. It rained non stop though but they were justly rewarded for their efforts.

As to bait suppliers for this year, we are going to be stocking MTC in 2 or 3 flavours and we are able also to offer UK Mainline in Fusion, New Grange and Cell (prices to be confirmed).

We are at our limit of friends on Facebook at the moment so if you have requested and not been accepted that is why. We do now have our High Mill Lake-Etang de Brigueuil business page too and there is up to date info on that as well if you cant access the other pages.

We will, as always, be very pleased to see you again in this coming year.

So till next month ...

take care

Andy and Tracey Jones
Etang de Brigueuil

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